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I put some new shoes πŸ‘ž on, and suddenly everything is alright!!

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Bought some new trainers recommended by the lovely lady at The Sweat Shop, after doing a gait test and moulding me inner soles to my footprint.

What a difference having bespoke inners and supporting shoes makes.

Felt like I was running on air.

Not cheap but defo worth it.

New Balance 1080v7


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The best investment you can make.

Enjoy your running.

Good to know, been thinking about getting better trainers but didn't know if they made that much of a difference as pricey beasts.

Maybe I will stop being so cheap!

swisstony4Graduate in reply to Iwilllearntorun

They don’t have to break the bank, the inner soles were Β£45, but they mould them to your feet, so they are a perfect fit and trainers I was advised on, needed stability in the core of the trainer, started at around Β£50 upwards. I think of it as an investment.. certainly won’t be buying them every month and they should last a good while.

Feet are your foundation don't mess with foundations... and you haven't!


I don't go a bundle on those expensive insoles but you don't have to buy them, although Sweatshop does try and push them. You can tell them from the outset that you don't want them.

They are fine shoes and should carry you for many miles. Have fun together!

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