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New shoes! (And Theo)


So today I went to a proper running shop and had my gait measured. An interesting experience but I learnt that having ridiculously stiff feet and legs means that my ankles and knees can't wobble in strange directions so not such a bad thing after all! The nice young man helping me didn't laugh or gasp with horror at my running on the treadmill which was a relief.

Looking forward to christening them on Wednesday morning. I'm hoping that my knees will be grateful and I can finally be freed from the field I've been running round for the last few weeks and venture onto the cycle paths....

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Coo, nice shoes. You'll be positively bouncing in these beauties :-)


Hope they give you a more comfy run Inspirus, but my real reason for replying was to say how lovely your cat, Theo is, chilling there in the background wondering what all this fuss about "running" is!!😀

InspirusGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Theo's only lying there chilling because he just exhausted himself chasing my other cat around the house!

If only I could take him for a run but he's not that bright and very easily distracted...

Dunder2004Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

That or wondering when he can have peace to play with those laces.


very nice shoe :D you will be positively flying in those


They are very conservative by this forum's standards. Very nice nonetheless.

InspirusGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

'Bouncing' and 'flying' are definitely not words that can by used to describe my pitifully slow shuffling but hey, it's my pitifully slow shuffling and it's more of a pitiful slow shuffle than anyone thought I could manage! (That sounded better in my head...)


Ooh I think those are Brooks Ghost 7s! I'm just waiting for mine to be delivered! They are a replacement for my old faithful Brooks Ghost 6s which have served me very well - enjoy!

InspirusGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Well spotted. I'm extremely impressed. I'd never even heard of Brooks until today. You are obviously a running addict. They are extremely comfy even without the special insoles I've got in mine. Enjoy yours when they arrive.


The shoes look great - so does the fluffy slipper :) I hope they solve the problem.


Very nice indeed! ☺

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