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Well that was interesting - think I've upset Jo 😂. Started with Laura, all going well, warm up then 1st 5 minute run, then ..... Laura went onto W5 R2! Nooooo! Fiddling around with phone, can't get W1 back, go back to Jo, skip first run and half of 1st walk... settle down. Decide want some music, bit of Elbow, can't go wrong with a bit of Guy Garvey in times of need - oh what's that Jo? Time to run again, fiddle again with phone, Guy's not coming out of my earphone - earphones broke?? - fiddle fiddle - I'm half way through 2nd run now - end up holding my phone in my hand, no earphones, listening to the lovely Guy whilst finishing off run 3.

I think I'll have to go back to Jo for W5R2 - in Crete - on Sunday 😬

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Bless you, at least carried on


Indeed I did!


Wow! Well done on completing the run despite technical hitches! Dedication, Sadie, dedication!

I'm sticking with Jo. She knows what I am going through. She's been there, done that. 😀 Tempted by Mr Smooth cos everyone goes on about how great he is, but I would feel like I am betraying my best gal chum.

Keep up the very good work - and enjoy Crete, you lucky sausage!

Sadie x


Thanks Sadie, think I've learnt my lesson, Jo it is, bless her! Who is Mr Smooth though? Do I need to dabble? Mind you I've had enough fiddling tonight maybe dabbling will be a step too far! I'm on a holiday high as finished work today for 11 days, woo hoo! Have a good week my lovely, keep up the good work xx


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