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I had to be pushed out the door for my first run on this programme last week. I felt sure there'd be a crowd lining the street, pointing and laughing at me in my gym kit. Strangely enough, there wasn't - they must have all been at the Olympics! I'm borrowing my husband's armband for my iphone, but it makes it a bit fiddly to use the controls through the plastic.

So .. W1R3 .. off I went with my new Iphone in hand (yes, I'm sorting out my life one app at a time but that's another story). I was half way round the block before I had sorted out the right podcast through the plastic when I realised something was missing - my earphones - argh! No problem though, I'll just listen to it through the speaker, I'm running down a back road and there's no one in sight, it'll be fine. The next thing I know, some guy with all the gear and the body to go with it is running straight towards me and I've got Laura announcing full blast to world 'Welcome to week one of the Couch to 5 K running programme...' Where the .... did he come from?! Meanwhile I'm practically committing GBH on my iphone trying to get Laura to shut up and wishing I could remember where I left that hole in the ground I want to jump into. WELL, I suppose it can't get any more EMBARRASSING can it? On second thoughts, don't answer that.

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that's funny! how are you finding it? i'm on w2r2 and finding it very difficult. i should have maybe stayed on w1 for another week.

at least you are sticking to it, you probably made that lad's day, if you didn't, then he's not human and his body is wasted on him :)

good luck x


Gardengal in reply to Rosie2607

Thanks Rosie. I 'ran' again tonight and really enjoyed it. I'm one run behind you at the moment I think. I didn't see my chap again - crickey, I've got that to look forward to! Good luck to you too.


No, it doesn't get more embarrassing. Each time you finish a run and feel that sense of achievement, you get closer to realising that anyone who matters is impressed that you are making the effort. That guy with all the gear and the body to go with it had to start somewhere. No need to be embarrassed !

Just smile at everyone so they think you're having a great time :-)

Gardengal in reply to sfb350

Ha! that's what I did tonight! Just went round with a daft smile on my face - well more of a grimace really, but hopefully they didn't realise that. I AM enjoying it though - it feels nice to say 'when I went for my run tonight ...'

Thanks for the encouragement too.

sfb350Graduate in reply to Gardengal

I work on the theory that if you smile and say hello, folks will assume you've comfortably run 20 miles rather than struggled though 3 :-)

SoozzGraduate in reply to sfb350

I know what you mean about saying "I went for my run", it makes me feel VERY virtuous.

Loved your blog, sounds like the sort of things that happen to me. On one of my early runs I jogged very slowly past my boss, I was barely able to croak out 'Hello' and I looked like something from a horror film.

Gardengal in reply to Soozz


I can understand the "embarrassment" issue! I ran weeks 1-3 round a field, seeing only the odd dog walker, I was sure my gasping for breath was not a great sight! However, I run round the streets now, I really don't care about the gasping noises! I'm too happy with my achievement!


Ah never mind, I used to worry more about people walking the same way as me and that I couldn't overtake their walking speed! It still happens towards the end of a run sometimes but I don't worry any more.

Now I get smiles and nods from other runners mostly men women ar'nt quite as friendly, but it is great to feel accepted as a runner even when I'm plodding along.

haha, great blog, sounds familiar!

I always run with the podcast on speaker phone! I think if people hear laura they'll know I'm supposed to be walking! Someone actually asked me if I was ok at the end of today's run.... I must look rough!

Oh you are braver than me. I am surprised how much it is bothering me getting 'seen' by people. I'll probably go the other way once I'm running for real. I've just got to get over myself.


Good for you to have run, it would have been so easy not to have run as you did not have your earphones. Dont worry about what others think, for all he knew you may have had the progam on repeat and had actually run for alot longer. when i started out i did not have the energy to raise my arm to acknowledge another runners now i can always manage a hi, especially to the fit men running towards me :)


I find most people I pass smile and mutter a few words of admiration (at least, I think that's what it is). ;) The look on their faces generally seems to say 'I wish I could do what you're doing'. Sometimes I wish I had a pile of c25k 'business cards' and could hand them out to everyone I see, lol.


Haha this made me laugh. I was convinced the same on my first run and I deliberately run down the other end of town where I know fewer people and despite this, the very first person I saw was, guess what, yes, that's right, someone I know! I'm on week two and I'm beginning to get more confident, nobody has laughed at me yet, most people just let me get on with it and once or twice people have said really nice things...

I must say that the support from you guys is helping. I met a real live c25ker at work. She was one week ahead of me and we swapped notes. That felt nice.

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