20 minutes in the bag. Neither a doddle or a dud. - Couch to 5K

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20 minutes in the bag. Neither a doddle or a dud.

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Thought I had left it a day too long to attempt this but other stuff has got in the way. I started off fine and it was only really on a slight slope that I felt it especially those last two minutes. Weird - I was fine until Laura said that and all of a sudden and because of the slope, my legs went very heavy and I had to heave myself along for the last stretch. I then did an extra minute or so at the end to be sure I had really done it!! I ended the session doing Strength and flexibility exercises which I find okay as I am only on Week 1 and I felt I needed an antidote to all that plodding. So feeling tired but fit. And thank you to all you encouragers out there. It really helps. Nearing the end I was imagining myself being cheered along by family, friends and co 0-5k ers so I definitely wasn't going to stop just before the end. So to any other Week 5's stil to do Run 3, it is possible. I've just got to move on to Week 6 now. I'll think about that tomorrow. All the best. xx

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Well done!!!

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Good work! I felt the same - it was neither easy or impossible - just that weird space in between! But I loved the sense of achievement after, that's for sure. You should feel very proud, well done! 👏👏🏃‍♀️

Fabulous job! Some runs are joyous and some are torture. Quite often runs are a little of both. You just have to believe in yourself! You can get through it one step at a time. (Oh and yes I was there in the crowd today, cheering you along :) ).

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Well done. It's not meant to be a doddle. That's why it's such an amazing achievement.

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Very true. Thanks x

Thank you all of you for your wonderful encouragement. And I like that you were in the crowd helenwheels. It is definitely a landmark and to quote Saide-runs 'a weird space in between'. I still puzzle as to how much I think I can't do it (and I know I share this with others) and then it is so much easier than you think it will be. I guess The Claw has been hanging in there by your fingertips. Great pseudonym. All the best xx

Lovely to hear Downtwo...Well done you😊...

The plan just works somehow...what seems impossible can be done, as you are ready ..its magical.😉

We all run together on here as Irish John says, and I also have thought of people often during my runs. One run I tried to remember as many forum names as I could and this certainly took my mind off that 30 minutes...

Good luck with Week 6. Steady as you go😊x

Sounds like a good trick, Jan-now-runs, I'll keep that in mind next run. xx

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