Runs without dogs - the Exploration Game

Runs without dogs - the Exploration Game

Not just me without a dog, but my running buddy from down the road running without either of her two as well! That never happens.

MapmyFitness had me down to do an interval run today, which... we sort of did... kind of?

I jogged down to her house to meet her. I thought I'd started the Garmin, but I hadn't, so I rectified that as soon as I got to hers. We then walked through the farm so she could warm up and then started our run down he track across the fields. It was a gorgeous morning - I'd already walked the dogs before coming home and doing a quick change into running gear, so was only wearing a t shirt, but friend had been cold indoors and had on a long sleeve top and was soon far too warm. in deference to that we ran a bit, walked a bit for a while. This took us to the Open Access land portion of our run, past cows (which friend Does Not Like) and sheep (they seemed to have been freshly shorn so looked very clean and dainty).

We have both always assumed that if we turn right and head up the hill at the end of this portion of run that we'd come out on the chalk track that leads back to the farm. So this morning, we turned right and picked our way up the hill using the sheep tracks - both narrowly avoiding turning our ankles in rabbit holes in the process.

Guess what?

We were wrong.

We were wrong by about the length of 2 great big fields :O

There was barbed wire involved, so we opted to retrace our steps and actually found a shorter path back.

We then ran all the way back to the farm buildings, before starting our cool down walk.

Grand total 6.5k in 53 minutes, by friend's tracking app (as I forgot to turn the Garmin off when we got back to hers, so walked back to mine - including a stop at the shop! - with it still tracking.


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  • A run without a dog is not really a run is it now?

    Looks like a lovely morning and an adventurous run. no slouch either at that distance :)

  • It really isn't, but my girl was sick again the other day, and the elderly foster terrier I am currently in charge of would not have been able to keep up - though he's a proper terrier and would have given it a shot! Bless him.

    It really was a lovely morning.

  • Oh, sorry to hear this. Hope the companion is better soon. (I am turning into a crazy old dog woman :) )

  • Thanks. At least I am 90% certain of the cause this time - though it does mean that she still isn't totally well from before and probably needs tests :-( on the plus side, she isn't ILL.

    I've been a crazy dog lady for years :D

  • If I waited for my dog I would never run...he is a total diva!!

  • 🀣🀣🀣

    We generally Canicross, so the dogs lead the way πŸ˜€

  • Great picture, great post as ever.... very well done you :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss, it is friend's picture, you can just about see he track we followed up the hill :D

  • It is beautiful :)

  • NO dogs! Sorry to hear that your girlie isn't very well, hope she improves soon. Lovely photo, nice blue sky and good run 😁

  • Pretty sure it’s still what was wrong with her before. When she goes back to the vets I think we’ll be looking for things that might be wrong with her throat πŸ™

  • Oh dear 😟 hope the vet can find out what is wrong

  • Me too! She’s fine until she eats anything rough (like fish skins) or a very small training type treat, or if she pulls on the lead (which she will do if we see cats because she HATES them) so I’m now walking her in an old harness.

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