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Bracing run/walk on the seafront with George-dog :)


Was due at running club tonight , for a 7k route, but circumstances made that plan bite the dust(colleague arrived after we shut shop with new counter to install and felt bad to abandon them and jump ship!)............ so picked up my doggy later than planned, and had an idea to give both of us a bit of decent exercise, blow away the cobwebs of a day indoors, and feel like i hadn't copped out(again! not been very active last week! :( )

So, checked tides- IN- but was assured i wouldn't get soaked as wind blowing the other way! So changed and ready set off to seafront! wow, it was REALLY blowy on the way out! did warm up walk , then ran to end of beach huts, then walk again(to not overdo George-dog and those little legs! ) he was in SUPER-EXCITED-DARK-WALK-WHERES-THE-CRITTERS mode as he often is after dusk! we made it nearly to the pier, turned around and , LOVELY!wind behind us now! I was actually quite warm by now & we saw a few other joggers,( the route is floodlit so feel quite safe) a few other dogs too, and a older couple who walked down to the beach and the guy paddled a little in the edge of the water(with Wellies though!) It was really pretty with the lights and pier lit up!

only got the odd splash of water in face, and arrived back at car, 6.06km, so not a bad effort! though George and i could have a selfie to mark the occasion, but that proved harder than expected(short dogs and people not easy to capture, and only done a few!) ended up dipping down head to get us both in the frame, but wanted to show off my new ear warmer thingy which was fab in such a blustery location! and thats the waves lapping in the background! So YAY, george and i are exercised and ready for tea! :)

Happy running everyone! :)

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Oh it looks very wild and windy there Ali, that will certainly blow away the cobwebs for sure !

Glad you and Gorgeous George had a lovely walk . Time to cuddle up now in the warm :-) xxx

aliboo70 in reply to poppypug

hes having a barky fit at the moment! think he wants his tea in a min! He didn't seem worn out hardly at all! Fitter than when he arrived 10 months ago(and thinner!) that was selfie no 5 tonight, it was alot harder than i thought! My colleague said"you must be mad, thats the last thing i would want to do!" when i said i would go out tonight, but i really quite enjoyed it! :) hope all good with you? Chilli in micro in a min!

poppypugGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Yep, great thanks ! Ive been for a run tonight, I think I need to get my buff out, my head was freezing !

Just watching Im A Celeb with a cuppa tea and some chocolate coins that I got for the tree- Oh dear :-D

Enjoy your chilli and I hope George settles down soon xxx

aliboo70 in reply to poppypug

yes hes settled now, just attention seeking! :X oh i might have to watch some of that or eastenders that i missed! i might have to join you with some matchmakers, brought in sainsburys for xmas pressie extras -maybe not eh?? choc coins-yum!

poppypugGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Yes theyre very yummy, Ive already had the Milk Choc ones, I am trying to resist the White Choc ones :-) xxx

aliboo70 in reply to poppypug

whats the saying"resistance is futile?" or something like that!! :)

poppypugGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Ha ha , yes ! :-) xxx


Hi Ali! Nice to read your post and I love the pic! Sounds like you had a fab run and its lovely that you have a flood lit route along the sea front. Ear warmer thingy looks just the job for these breezy days! Any parkruns lately? x :-D

aliboo70 in reply to no-excuse

ear warmer is lovely! :) yes did parkrun no 27, hope to get to 30 by end of the year! it was very squishy and muddy but sunny, 203 of us there this week! :) a memorial run for a member who died last year who was a great volunteer and backrunner often , the course was run backwards and you had to email in an estimated time and run watch-less! Good fun, i was only 11 seconds off my estimate, but they haven't announced who came nearest yet! :) hope all good with you? :)

Oh nice picture alibi. Looks very bracing! Great run for both you and George.

thanks irishprincess! it was good, ready for my tea now! :)

Love it. Great picture and a lovely blast of weather. Time to snuggle with your pooch now curled up by a fire ;-)

Thankyou!! :) *** my airer full of washing is infront of the fire! no space in my lounge at mo! :( had a nice pooch cuddle for an hr, off for bubble bath now! !


I love to go home to my tea after an evening run. I swear it makes me run faster

I made a vat of spicy roast veg soup this evening, and if my husband doesn't nick it all, I shall have some after my long run tomorrow. Slurp! Might have some for lunch too. It's a bit hot. I overdid the chilli again. Oops

aliboo70 in reply to misswobble

It was nice to think I had my dinner ready to go, made a butternut squash chilli on sun eve, new recipe, yummy! It wasn't too spicy and nice and garlicky ! Hope you enjoy your run today :)


Sounds great. George looks a sweetie!

aliboo70 in reply to Ullyrunner

Thankyou :) Yes hes quite a character, found it all very exciting !


Sounds like a fab run. Wish I lived near enough to the coast for an impromptu run. Although, living in East Anglia and with all the coastal erosion we've got, perhaps I should be grateful I'm a 20 minute drive away. George looks very pleased with himself after his run :)

aliboo70 in reply to AncientMum

He didn't want to stay still for a photo! Yes it was lovely, felt a bit crazy and cold in the wind and nice and warm at the end ! :)

Aw George is so cute! Glad you had a nice blowy run. I took my head buff out for its first outing in the wind yesterday morning, and it was very good. I hate cold ears!

hi! :) how are you? yes was certainly that! loving my ear warmer but not sure how it looks! chose a dark colour as like to be inconspicuous if i can! but it certainly does the job! thought he might be tired, but NO! just had an hr walk to the beach to play frisbee! :) still blowing well down there!


Sounds fabulous & glad George enjoyed it too :) LOving the ear protection am looking for something suitable myself as its getting colder out there!

aliboo70 in reply to S_J_B

hi S_J_B! :) its from sports direct!

really cosy! 2 brighter colours too i think!

we had a good fun time :)

S_J_BGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Thanks for that will have a look :D

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