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Park run virgin

After graduating from the C25k last week, my next goal was to complete a park run. I’m happy to say I’m no longer a park run virgin 😀

I started right at the back because I was feeling a bit daunted by the whole experience and was worried I would start running too quickly but soon moved through the crowds and settled into a comfortable pace. The first lap was fine a bit rainy and I had to take my glasses off. The hill from hell was tricky but I didn’t drop my pace as I ran up it.

I was tiring by the time I started up the hill for the second time and I did slow down but the got stuck behind a someone who was going even slower than me so I had to put on an extra burst of speed to get past them. At the top of the hill I started to feel very queasy and thought I might have to stop but I gave myself a really good telling of because the finish line wasn’t too far away.

I was pleased to see the end and my friends that I’d gone with waiting for me. My time has just come through and I ran it in 32.55 which surprised and delighted me.

I promise it was slow and steady. I felt comfortable apart from that last bit and next week I know what to expect.

Thank you Arrow Valley parkrun for being a great first time experience

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Fantastic Mandy, I did my first park run this morning, I absolutely loved it, well done and great time.


Wowsers! That's a fantastic parkrun debut, well done you, corrr, a great time too. You've got to keep going now......😉👍



Nicely done, I am jealous as my nearest Park Run is about 4 hours drive away.

Well done on doing hills of hell too...


Brilliant time, well done you - and your parkrun is the same as mine, I'll see you there once I graduate (which I hope to do this weekend) 😀


Well done to you! A fantastic time. I bet you're on cloud 9! Another person who has inspired me to sign up for park run


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