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Park Run

I made my Park Run début this morning. I did about 3K before I had to walk but after just a little rest I ran again. I came dead last in 37m 45s but some lovely people were there at the end to cheer me home, I felt like a winner :-D

Originally I planned to do podcast 6.2 but I decided to just run and see how far I got. I realised I spend quite a lot of energy hating the podcast music, it seemed much easier to run to my own music but I did miss Laura. I probably went out too fast as I was swept along with the other runners.

Over all Park Run was very friendly, well organised and I received a lot of encouragement from fellow runners on the way round. I was worried that I might have started park run prematurely but I'm pleased with my sub 40 time and I'll definitely go back to chart my progress next time I have a free Saturday.

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Congratulations on your first parkrun! It's really good to hear that you felt it was friendly and well organised; I am sure this will encourage others to do one.

Hope you put NHS C25K as your running club!


Wow thanks! I didn't realise I could list C25K as my running club. Changed it now :-D


Yay! :)


Well done and a really good time for your first run. Nice to see another member for the C25k club.


That's brilliant, well done. If my next run (on Wednesday or Thursday) goes better than the preceeding couple then I may just venture to my first parkrun on Saturday. ;)


Park Run is really nice. I wish I'd had the confidence to go without my music! - It has a lovely community feel and people do encourage and keep you going. As well as a change of route it is a real morale boost, I came last but still felt on top of the world at the end. Give it a go!


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