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Winter is Coming

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It's getting colder and darker and getting up for work is harder. Never mind getting up to exercise! I suppose I'm quite susceptible to the winter blues, I'm hoping running will help this year if I manage to carry on!

Any tips on how to keep moving as the nights and weather draw in? I have a base layer in the post, will it keep me warm enough? Any other clothing recommendations?


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If you can't run in the morning then you run in your lunch hour or in the evening. Just keep going! Lots of us run in the evenings through winter in warm weather gear and with head torches, and as much reflective gear as we can possibly fit on ourselves 🎄🙂

Running is good for the blues! I thought I would surely die in a thin running top. I was the world's top wimp. Not for long! You get a acclimatised fast! I think our bodies run on hot once we become runners. I am always turning the stat down now when I'm used to shiver indoors in front of the fire come October.

A run jacket, ear-covering headband or hat, gloves for the coldest days and some decent run shoes. A run top too of course. These things aren't dear by the way. It's best to layer up so,you can shed a layer if you get too warm

Joining a run group is good too. Safety in numbers sorta thing

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to misswobble

Great advice:)

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If you get up early and run before work it will set you up! get all the happy endorphins going!

High viz gear.. head torch... woolly hat, glove... and buff I had warmer leggings for when it was really chilly...:) Brilliant!!! So much fun running at this time of the year too..

I think if you try it you will feel the winter blues falling away :)

Thnkas for the the advice!

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I got some winter run tights last winter as the small of my back gets cold on long runs. Ron hill ones and not dear 👍 I have some Saucony winter ones as well with reflective go-faster stripes

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I wear something called a "buff" in cooler weather. It's a long tube of thin fabric (I made mine from a thin merino knit). You can scrunch them down around your neck, draw them up like a balaclava, or double and pull up like a hat. I think buff is a brand name but you can google.

Layering principle as follows:

1) underlayer in wicking material. I choose thin merino wool often, otherwise poly sports stuff (but: wash right away or it smells horrid soon). For taking the sweat away from the body. Long or short sleeved. I've seen these in net versions also.

2) insulation layer. This could be fleece or a puffy vest or just a long sleeved wool shirt (like with a half zip). Generally unnecessary on legs, but you want to keep your core warm.

3) shell layer to protect against wind and rain/snow. These can be very lightweight, their purpose is really to keep you dry from the outside, and to guard against the wind chilling you badly. You may want shell pants too but they should have zips somewhere to vent the sweat. Showerproof is better than waterproof.

Remove layers 2/3 as you get hot -- good to keep your temp in regulation; put them on if you stop.

Hands: gloves should be thin, mostly to guard against wind;

Head: adjustable hat/buff

Eyes: possibly sunglasses if there's a lot of snow in winter

If you are going to be "resting" outside (like say you are going cross-country skiing instead of running and you will be stopping for lunch) you need a big warm puffy thing to put on as you begin to chill.

To translate: basically I am in long-sleeved running top and thin jacket, plus running tights (or similar) until it gets quite cold, adding on hat and gloves, then even colder I add vest and shell pants, plus I change out to wool socks from cotton/poly. YMMV. Don't forget reflectors!

Thanks for the detail! I may have to go on a shopping trip come pay day 😝 New clothes always make me want to go out and run too 😄

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I like to wear as little as possible as I soon warm up when running, but layers are definitely the way to go. Buff and gloves essential but I swear by my compression base layers for the coldest weather and as long as everything is covered, especially extremities, then I have never felt cold, even on sub zero runs.

The winter provides some of the most beautiful sights with misty, frosty sunrises and little risk of overheating.

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