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Winter is coming....Head torches?

Pardon the Game of Thrones tag...back on topic...

So im just getting in to the 9 week challenege and really looking forward to the weeks ahead. My only reservation is the impending dark nights and mornings which is the only time ill be able to run around work during the week.

Im assuming lots of people are facing this challenge as we approach winter. So does anyone run with a head torch?

Im in a rural area with no street lighting on the trail i run , ive seen a good review for this online;

Any other recommendations or advice to a newbie? Thanks

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Love the Game of Thrones tag 😉 I'm in the same boat as you, I'm still only on week 1 but at the moment am running down unlit lanes enjoying the evening sunlight...not for much longer! I guess some sort of high vis would be needed as well?


A headtorch is essential in rural areas during the winter months. My advice is to get one that fits close to the head and as light as possible. The one I bought is a bit bulky and consequently bounces a bit too much. The weirdest thing I have found is that although headtorches will show you where there is mud, because there is no incidental light, it is almost impossible to tell how wet or thick the mud warned.


Get two. I have heard so many stories from my night orienteering relatives of torches failing in the woods... (at least then it is an event and there will be other lights bobbing around)

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Very definitely you will need one. I'm out at 6am and it's dark now already so I'm wearing one. I also bring a small hand torch - and I'm in an urban area, so I'm sure in rural it's even more important.

I also wear flashing arm bands to help with how visible I am to others.

Don't let the dark put you off 😀 xx


That Alpkit one is exactly the model I have. It was a last minute recommendation just as I was about to shell out £120+ for a Petzl one that had rave reviews in all the magazines. The Alpkit one was £17 If i recall correctly and has been excellent. The meain beam is easily bright enough whetehr on paths or proper forest trails at night. There is a red rear light so you dont get mowed down by bikes or cars. It is comfortable even after 3 hours, and the batteries made it through all of last eason with only one change.


Thanks for the advice everyone . I think ill bite the bullet and order an Alpkit, hoping to squeeze a couple more weeks of daylight if i can.


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