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Easier than I thought! WK 5 run 2

I got up at 0615 and did what I had to around the house and for work. Then 0710 the dreaded run! I am still in pain from my right kidney up to mid stomach below my ribs. However just get on with it I said to myself. 35 minutes later all done and no fuss.

Yes I was biting through the second half of the second 8 minutes and my breathing was a little laboured but on I went. Before I knew Michael was telling me there remains only 60 seconds.

Deep joy!

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Yay! Well done! 👍😃

Another one ticked off

You are going slowly aren't you? Be sure to just go really steadily, to avoid injury.

Have a good day 🙂🏃✔️👍

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Well done for completing it!

I was confused by your post... up to week 5 the runs are consistent across the week and I hadn't though to look ahead.... week 5 is going to hit me like. brick wall 🙈

Reply'll be fine...just take it steady & slow


That is what I thought. However a steady pace (not an adventurous one) will get you through, remember you can adjust downwards.

Whilst the legs do hurt (especially when you are carrying 112.8 kg (down from 127.7)), you will be surprised how quickly your first 5 the n the second 5 and finally the last 5 go. You will need to push your self at the end. The thought though of another run ticked off and what you are achieving personally will keep you going.


Well done!!! Glad you didn't make the pain worse though?? R3 next?? Make sure you're feeling ready for that one!! Let us know how you get on


Run3 WK5 next. Then Wednesday start WK 6.


Well done on getting through but I do hope the pain is not so severe next tîme out.. Mr Smooth is a very calming influence I found and when he gives you the 1 minute, invariably I smile. Not always, but invariably! Hope W5 continues in this successful if gritty vein! 🤞🏼


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