W4R2 Complete Newbie Alert

Hi everyone, first post on here :)

So I've started my C25K journey recently (as you can tell) and today completed w4r2...oh my word by legs hurt! Thought it was time to join the forum as I'd heard good things about it.

I've been rubbish with exercise/diet over the last few years, sticking to only yoga and hiking. Now wanting to go up mountains I thought I needed to improve the old cardiovascular system. I haven't told my partner I'm doing this either as I want to surprise him that I got off my bum (or coach) and got moving!

I am going slow and steady but I don't think I drank or ate enough today which probably impacted on me. Anyone have any tips on when to eat/should I eat before running/eating after?


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8 Replies

  • Definitely drink plenty of water!! And Congrats on making it to week 4!!! I haven't made it that far yet!!

    Bananas help my leg cramps... but as far as the other, I am learning what to eat as well!! Someone suggested dried fruit before a run! I haven't tried that yet, but will be picking some up this weekend when I go shopping for my food for the week!

  • Thank you :)

    Ohh I don't really like dried fruit, maybe I could have a banana instead?

  • Haha I have never tried dried fruit.. so the verdict is still out on my liking it or not!

  • I run first thing in the morning and all I have before I head out is a glass of water and a cup of tea as I find I run better on an empty stomach. Others eat a banana or cereal but it really is a personal thing.

    I would recommend the glass or water as this will stop you getting a stitch, if you're susceptible to them and it also wakes me up and fires my brain into gear!!

  • I run after work - usually around 5pm. Not heard of water for stitches but I did get one today so that would link with the lack of water!

  • Hydrate all the time... not just run days... healthy eating regime all around too!

    Early run....folk have their own preference,, mine is a cup of tea and two digestive lights..abut 45 mins before the run... :)

  • Hi well done on getting to w4, I've just started week 3 and have discovered that I seem to enjoy my run more and run easier if I have a glass of water and a banana half hour before and after my run, works for me at the moment on the shorter runs, hopefully it will work with the longer runs too x

  • I'm a morning runner, so I go out after a cup of tea. I then have a large glass of water as soon as I am done, while doing cool down stretches. Then after a shower and getting dressed I cope with breakfast. I always make sure I have drunk plenty of water the evening before the run.

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