Couch to 5K


I was itching to get out and run today and it wasn't too bad at all. I am now finding the 3 min runs quite easy (would never have thought that two weeks ago!). I quite like that the weather isn't so great at the moment, as it keeps me cool and I don't overheat. What was lovely this morning was that I could smell all the lilac flowers which are out at the moment - lovely! Now got to wait three days for my next run :-( but I have decided to download the podcasts for Strength and Flex, so that will give me a buzz until then. :-)

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Well done on completing the second run of W4 and pleased that you are finding the runs easier now. It's surprising just how our fitness seems to creep up on us. Good luck with the Strength and Flex podcasts - they can only be of benefit. Good luck with the next run and best wishes.


Hi Lottidog ! Ive been looking out for you to see how you'd got on :-) Well done !

I too enjoy running when it is a bit grey and breezy , as been a woman of a certain age , I do tend to get the hot flushes even more so when I am doing my runs. I have been told that we are not to call them " hot flushes " they are power surges ! :-) I am starting Week 5 tomorrow , I cant wait , I am chomping at the bit to get out there :-)


Hi! I'm at the same place as you and loving it! I don't wait extra days, I either do an extra one of that week or move on, so I'm running every other day. Too impatient to wait.

Last time on the drive home I was thinking, 'shall I go again when I get in?' I had a banana and some water instead :-)


Great stuff :) not heard of those podcasts before, will have to look into them as keen to do everything possible to get fit.


Well done! I am on W4R2 too and I really enjoyed it as you said - great to just be out on the fresh air in your own space doing something positive. I did feel as though I had concrete in my shoes for a bit (after a long day at work maybe and just being tired?) but all is well and will be out again tomorrow. I love this C25K ! Good luck with your programme! xx


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