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W4 complete

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Not as plain sailing as last time and I didn't enjoy it as much but I got round. I've been having dinner at 5 with my daughter then running at half 7 but I don't think I find it as easy when I've had dinner so I might skip dinner and eat after next time.

On the plus side I overshot my end point by nearly a minute tonight so must have been going faster than the last 2 runs without even realising it.

Looking forward (sort of!) to the challenges of week 5! Can't believe I'm halfway through!

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👏👏. You are doing great

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Well done ! :-)

Fabulous, well done! Bet you’ll enjoy W5. It’s a good one and R3 is one of the landmarks! 😀😀

Enjoy yourself and happy running! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️👍🏻😀

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Yeah, light fuelling a couple of hours before is good... a full dinner not so much. Great that you got through to the end, and beyond, though. Very well done.

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Well done! I’ve got last run week 4 tomorrow, found 2nd one harder than first so hoping this one not too bad

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Emcdee in reply to RedT

You can do it!!

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