Easing back into it from the IC :D

Good morning fellow lovely runners.

Thank you for all your support over the past couple of weeks whilst I've been struggling with my knee. This morning was the first time I've actually felt like I could run, so I did. Not far, only 1K in fact, but I ran, just to ease gently back into it.

My knee feels fine actually, but that may change over the course of the day. But so far, it's all good.

So the run itself. I was going to run round the local park, which is tiny, but as I got to the top of the road, I thought sod it, I'm going to go along the canal towpath, with all its potholes to catch out unsuspecting knees. I only ran for 10 minutes, and I had a little walking segment in the middle, but it felt so good to feel the air rush past my cheeks, fresh air, with only a faint farmyard smell ;)

What was slightly odd was that for parts of the run, I felt like I was tending to fall forward, so I backed off the pace slightly, but still struggled with that. It was almost like the top of me was trying to overtake the bottom half. I've never felt that before, probably a balance thing I guess. What was interesting though, was that looking at my stats, and despite being deliberately slow and steady, I actually ran at 5'32"/km pace for a bit, which was not my intention, but certainly felt good, particularly after nearly 2 weeks of languishing on the IC at 0mph.

So what's next then, I hear you cry? Probably more of the same. Assuming my knee hasn't fallen off, I'll run again on Sunday morning, and try and do a couple of longer run intervals. Something occurred to me you know, I'm a graduate now, I don't have to be bound by what Jo says to do any more! It felt very liberating to be able to go a bit faster when I felt like it, or slow down, or turn round. I suspect I will be more disciplined for future runs, but right now, this morning, this was just what I needed to lift my spirits.

Bring it on, week 10 :P


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33 Replies

  • Great to see u back 😀 x

  • Thank you Shelby1973, it's great to be back. It's been so frustrating!!

  • That's good news Neil. Take it easy and keep going.

  • Thank you. Yes, I'm doing my best to take it easy, it's trying to find that balance which improves fitness but doesn't knacker my body lol! I'll get there, I'm sure :)

  • So glad you got out again and that your spirits have been lifted! Yay! Good ole knee. I totally understand your frustrations of late. I have a new cold on top of a previous cold now, and could not make it out in the sun for my planned run again today. My legs are itching to run, but I feel too weak. Meh. But this is just what you needed Neil, I know that. And I am so very happy for you. :-)

    (But here comes the tough love bit).

    True, you don't have to do what Jo says anymore, and you just ran how you liked, because you can, but you DO have to listen to Oldfloss and me still! That pace was FAST. Especially for someone just off the IC. No wonder you felt like you were leaning forwards, your body was trying to keep up with your legs! I run a km at around 6.40min now and to me that feels speedy. But it's safe. Slow is safer, especially when you have had an injury or coming back from an injury. Try and slow down a wee bit more next time, okay? It also might enable you to run for longer. You know I'm right, right? :-)

    Are you getting into your knee strengthening exercises now? (God, you think I am a tyrant, don't you? Well, it comes from a place of caring. Trust me.)

    HAPPY WEEK 10, Neil! x

  • Thank you dear tyrant, I mean, Sadie :P

    I'm sorry you're feeling a bit under the weather, though, but sometimes, as I have found out, you need to listen to your body!

    Now I do totally get where you're coming from on the naggy bit of your message, sorry, I mean "tough love" ;) And you're right. Most of the run was way slower than that, but without even trying I did touch on that pace for about 30 seconds or so... and I really needed that I think, a taste of what I might be able to achieve in the future maybe. There's no way I would even contemplate running at that pace for a longer distance, yet, but these little burts really do feel good once in a while. I do still get the whole slow and steady thing though, honestly!

    In the past week or so I've had to resort to stretches, as the knee strengthening was just getting too painful, but now that my knee seems happier, I can start again, because it was helping before. Today was really a test run to see if I could run, and it seems I can. Now I can work my way, slowly, back up to 30 minutes, and 5k, and then who knows??!

    Thanks Sadie, I know you're a pussy cat really :P

  • Meeeow. (Rooooooaaaar!) Let's do a 10k in the Spring. :-)

  • A lovely jogette! Very good to hear, Niel. I hope to be getting back tomorrow -- my husband will be home again and I'm just about over this cold.

    We've built a habit, the running won't go away, that's what I'm telling myself and your patient approach is very inspirational, even if you feel frustrated at times. Have you been doing knee strengthening exercises?

  • Thank you! Yes, I was surprised how much I'd missed it, and always glad to be inspirational. After all, so many people on here, including you, have been an inspiration to me.

    Knee-wise, as I was saying to Sadie up there, anything knee related has been on hold as it hurt too much, but today it feels good, so I will start those up again now, as it was really helping.

  • Well done Neil... Ha😊..see that Sadie-runs is on your case..she is so right, take her advice...

    Slow and steady off the ic😊xx

  • Lol! Thanks Jan. Don't tell her... I think I'm a little scared of Sadie now :)

  • You should be...I read her reply and decided you did not need me to tell you off... she is absolutely right.. what we feel we are able to do, is often not a true reflection of what we should do... especially just off the IC...

    Pussy cat, Sadie-runs may be, but like me.. she is.... 'Woman... hear us roar'!

  • Ok now I'm bloomin' scared of both of you!!! :P

  • You do right!! :) x

  • Glad it went ok. Welcome back.

  • Thank you! I'm taking it easy, short runs for now, but I'll be back up to 30 minutes before too long hopefully, maybe even 5k, who knows :)

  • Ah Neil, sounds like the perfect post-IC run. Lovely to see you back on your feet and even better to hear all that positivity bursting out..!!

    I hope your knee behaves for the rest of the day.

    Long may it continue 🤗

  • Thanks HeadInTheClouds, yes it was a great run, not least because my knee was fine, and I was just enjoying running for the enjoyment. And so far since, the knee has been well behaved!!

  • Yay Neil! Glad to see you've been able to get off the IC and start the slow return to full running form. Now, more than ever, OldFloss's wise advice of slow and steady is so very important.

  • Thank you! It's just nice to get out there again. And yes, apart from a little unintentional burst of speed this morning, I shall stick to slow and steady :)

  • Brilliant 316neil ...glad you enjoyed it & wasn’t tempted to over do it....nice, slow recovery runs will do you good 😉

  • Thanks Mummycav, I have to say it's so great to be back out there. I was convinced I'd have to give up after a couple of minutes because it hurt, but it was honestly fine. The IC didn't get the better of me this time :P

  • Good news 😉

  • "but it felt so good to feel the air rush past my cheeks, fresh air, with only a faint farmyard smell ;)"

    Lay off the beans before your next run :-)

  • Lol! That'll be what it was then! I have no words :P

  • Fab you are running again, and glad that so far the knee hasn’t dropped off - in fact let’s be honest we would all rather it stayed where it’s meant to be. I don’t fancy stumbling across a lost knee on a run...

    Good luck with the r and r

  • Thanks Jan, continuing my rehabilitation by drinking tea. So far, no knees have fallen off, but I'll keep you updated!

  • Very well done...but please....do err on the side of caution :) Better to take it gently than risk a recurrence of any issues ? :) x

  • Welcome back! 😀

    Good to see you back on the happy hoof!!

  • Glad you got out there today. Well done 👍

  • That doesn't sound nice for sure. It's no fun on the IC, glad you back with it though and doing it slowly and carefully is the way to go. Just be careful now 😊

  • Great to hear you are out there again feeling the wind in your face. Hope the knee is continuing to hold up and you'll be out there again tomorrow.

    Completely get the liberation of being free from the programme. I think I've perry much started every post grad run with the thought that I can choose how far how long and how fast to run but have stuck to 30 mins and a steady pace though am thinking g of putting in a faster shorter run once a week - just to spice it up a bit.

  • Why thank you :-) I do admit I may have been a little too speedy for about 30 seconds, but it was fun, and I did slow to a more snail-like speed, honest!!

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