Knee pain!!!!

Hi all, I have just completed week 5 run 5 and I have one knee that is giving me absolute grief!!! I can barely walk after my run but the problem is with only one knee....I am devastated as I am loving running and don't want to stop. Has anyone else had any knee issues and how did you fix them. I have been icing it and it is strapped at the moment but still in just as much pain.


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5 Replies

  • I was lucky in that I had graduated before my knee started playing up - but it was soooo frustrating - I got some really good advice but unfortunately the answer is to rest it until it recovers :0(

  • I had pain in my right knee when I first started c25k, and I was worried I was doing some real damage to myself. I went to a proper running shoe shop who looked at my gait - my old shoes hadn't been fitted properly and tipped my foot to the outside - my knee pain was my body trying to compensate. Got new shoes and the pain has never recurred!

  • I am in week 6 just done run 3! Yippee!!! But knee pain is awful on the day I run, I hav just seen brim petted answer and I'm gonna check my shoes as they hav always felt a bit too baggy for me, even though I bought them at the sweatshop and had them fitted by someone there

  • I have a slightly questionable right knee. It feels tight and as though it could twist at any moment, but never does. I walked the Samaria Gorge in Crete (11 rocky miles, all downhill) a couple of years ago and it was "twanging" seriously by the end. I felt sure that generous applications of cold beer would cure it but wasn't sure whether to apply internally or rub it on. I texted my brother-in-law (a chiropodist) for advice and was told to apply it internally and if it didn't work to repeat the prescription until feeling no pain. It worked for me! But perhaps not something you'd want to do every day. And I'm currently ignoring my knee. May not be wise, but...

  • I have been ignoring my knee as well but it is so frustrating. Have checked shoes and they are fine. Am going to to a roller to roll out the muscles later today, so fingers crossed. I have been running on a treadmill so my gait is different than running on the road, so it could be the heading onto the road tomorrow. Thanks heaps.

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