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My first run... done!

I've just got back from my first run and finished my stretches, and I have to say, it was harder than I thought!

Initially I thought it was going too slow with only 60 seconds of running, but towards the end the aches definitely kicked in and I got a stitch... anyone know how to prevent stitches?

Apart from that though I really enjoyed it and I loved the music and Laura, cant wait for the next one.

Just quickly, thank you for being a great community! I jut found the site yesterday and I already feel overwhelmed by the responses everyone gives, so thank you. :D

Happy running!

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Well dome! youve the hardest run done and will find the next one easier! Drink water before you run! That definitely helps with stitches!


Congratulations on your first run... I found it very hard too, in fact one of the harder runs for me, and remember swearing alot at Laura :)

laura does give advice on stitch on a later run, but cannot remember it all, though I am sure someone else will. From what I remember it was to drink water before run and to slow the pace and breath deeply?

Keep going and hope it feels easier on the next run


Exactly what amsjo says - drink some water beforehand and slow down until the stitch goes. Well done on completing your first run.


Run 1 done, so you're on your way now. I found the first week to be the hardest, so hang in there.


:-) :-) WELCOME! :-) :-) As suggested, staying hydrated may help with stitches. Just try to go slow, even if its just a bit over a brisk walk. Your focus is building stamina as you work the program. You've made the decision to be a runner, the rest of it will be a breeze! :-) Gayle


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