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Wk5 R3

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Well today's the day for the first double figure minutes ,20 minutes it seemed impossible a month ago.

Well I have DONE IT, can't believe it 20 minutes steady (some may say slow) constant not stop 20 minutes. If you had told me at the start of this I could run for 20 minutes I would have never have believed it(unless someone had told me the pub was running out of beer and I had to get there before all gone forever ).

I truly believe the the support on here has been invaluable πŸ˜€. Reading other people's post and experience really helps. Thanks all. Have a good day.

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Well done! Enjoy the feeling, it's well deserved! ☺

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NemotaGraduate in reply to Beatlesforever

I am enjoying, I would go and do again now if I could. Feel great , still old , overweight but feel great

Well done, new on here. I am on week 3, run 3 tomorrow. Great to hear how you have done, there's hope for me!

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BeatlesforeverGraduate in reply to FlossnCharlie

Yes, the programme really does work! Make sure you take it slow and steady and you'll keep surprising yourself. ☺ good luck with your journey!

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NemotaGraduate in reply to FlossnCharlie

I am sure you will. It was daunting but once past 10 minutes, I knew I could make. Oldfloss said keep it steady and it worked.

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It's a great feeling isn't it!! Well done

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Hooray, that is a huge achievement, you must be so proud, well done :)

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Brilliant.... very well done you!

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Fantastic! I am doing the same run tomorrow. Onwards and upwards πŸ˜„πŸ€˜πŸΌ

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