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Week 2 day 1 - how crazy is that?

I completed wk 2 day 1 this morning.The holidays and the wet have put me of schedule just a tad. Although I have been walking between 3.5- 5 km.

In my case it is all too easy to fall of the wagon.... A busy day, an upsetting conversation, just feeling tired, the never ending to- do-list. It doesn't seem to take much to throw me off. I've experienced a challenging number of years and feel as though my reserves to deal with the day-to-day stresses of everyday life have been depleted... But all this shouldn't prevent me from getting my trainers on and taking 30 minutes for myself - should it?

I tend to wake up around 5 am and after mulling over it for a while decided that the wind howling outside was too strong to face. 6.30 am i'm drinking my tea and hear the refuse truck outside- have to make a dash outside with my recycling bags. It's still dark outside, slight drizzle and a substantial wind. A refuse collector wishes me 'happy new year'- and I marvel at his good spiritedness. I walk indoors pull on my trainers , pick up my keys and leave the house.

Wk 2 day 1 longer running intervals, but fewer sets- which I prefer. Nicer to countdown from 6 sets rather than last weeks 8. Paced myself carefully from the start so that I was able to run all sets for the full 90 seconds, albeit very slowly.

And the truth of it is - getting my trainers on and stepping outside the front door was the most difficult part of the run - how crazy is that?

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I know... it feels great to be able to succeed on a run. It just gets better too as your stamina improves as the weeks go on. Its a great plan, Laura becomes a great companion and you will be so proud of yourself.

I, like so many others on here didn't think I would be able to run far at all, but graduated in November and now manage 30 mins non stop with ease.

Carry on getting out there.... you are fantastic.

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Thank you and congratulations!!

I grew up thinking that I just wasn't built to run. ..during school - cross country running and so i was hopeless - invariably the last one in. . I ve managed to get up to week 8 in the past ( about4 years ago )t completely changed the way I thought about the capabilities of my body. I am a runner!!!

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Always go for that run. Never be diverted. It's not a long time out of your day but it will be the most valuable in health terms, so always do it. Make the time. You owe it to yourself. The run will give you time to yourself to clear your head. Amazing how clarity comes to those who run. It's good for your brain as well as your legs

We look at the weather through our windows and it looks horrendous. Once you get out there you don't really notice it. It's never as bad as we think it's going to be. Take care though, obviously


Not crazy at all, I think most of thought it was hard to do those first runs. You've cracked those, just keep plodding along...don't let those excuses put you off, there is a name for them here - GREMLINS! You tell those gremlins where to go, you're in charge not them xx

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gremlins -I like that! I've been calling them the naysaying bogies


That really is the hardest part! I have to make the decision go and change and out of the house before I think about what I'm doing! Then the demons nip at your ear telling you you'll never do it and don't your legs hurt and aren't your legs heavy!

BUT having got back inside having beaten all that, doncha feel great?

Remember that feeling when it all seems too much!

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