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Week 2 run 1.. music?


Done! Started week 2 and the first run I was dreading but passed a lot faster than I thought!! By the last couple of runs my legs started to feel it though and tried to just concentrate on my breathing and not stopping!!! Also didn't have decent music.. some was too slow and I didn't wanna mess around with my music during the runs. Anyone got any music tips?

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Yep. Always listen to nothing but the stuff that you really like, whatever that may be. Ignore the 'running beat' and let the music itself give you good vibes.

Works for me ;)


I normally like quite mellow music, am a bit folky truth be known. But I defo need more upbeat tempo for my runs, so am listening to Lady Gaga, Prince and Madonna for my runs! Not my normal taste, but I am loving it, even belting out a few lines whilst running!

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PS concentrating on your breathing rather than legs is a great hack! I do that too...


Down loaded favourite dance music from Spotify on to running playlist then adding as l go along when l think of another track l fancy. This works for me it inspires me to run.

Last night I done my 20 minute run without stopping and I have to say The Beatles really helped me through it, all you need is love for the last 3 or 4 minutes was really uplifting. Same again tomorrow I think.

Try this one, from a range of C25kers...jancanrun.com/retro-runners...

This is my playlist open.spotify.com/playlist/0...

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