Got the shoes, now need to get off the couch!

Hello everyone.

I've downloaded the C25K pod-casts, brought the running shoes and now just need to take a deep breath and get out there! I've quit smoking in the last couple of months, so now is the time to move on and do something about my weight and general fitness. I would like to lose 2.5 - 3 stones but I'm not a gym bunny.

I'm going to do my first session this evening (once it gets dark so the neighbours don't see me)! My only problem is that there is nowhere nearby that is flat but I can find the least hilly roads, I hope.

Anyway - please wish this middle-aged lardy-arse good luck. The last time I put on running shoes in anger was in the early 1980's at school :)


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20 Replies

  • Hello 1st well done on the non smoking , I am 2 years smoke free and know how hard it can be :)

    2nd well done on wanting to make positive changes to your life :)

    This really is such a great program and it works :) you will surprise yourself :)

    Good luck with your first run take it slow :) let us know how it goes :) everyone here is with you all the way :)

  • Good luck! And this time...put those running shoes on with love❤️!

  • Best of luck and well done ... the hardest part of all is starting ... after that it's all a step in the right direction! Loads of encouragement here so keep us posted and off you go :-)

  • Thanks folks. It's not dark enough yet for me to venture out. Won't be too long as it's pouring with rain :(

  • Good luck, will look forward to seeing your progress! You can do it!!!! :-) xxx

  • Good for you for starting the c25k plan.

    Do you have a park locally which you could take yourself to and do laps of?

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. It is tough starting but fun and it will get easier as you progress. :)

  • I did it!! I didn't stop and I managed to jog / stagger for all the 60 second intervals. The first one was the worst as that was up a hill. I think I may have barfed up a lung somewhere on my route :D And it was still raining! I can't say I enjoyed it but I guess I might when I don't feel so out of breath.

    Dinner and then a nice hot bath.

  • Getting home and taking a hot shower is always the best bit for me. Then comes the smug feeling, then the awesome buzz - that's the bit that makes you want to go out again!!

    Well done! :)

  • Well done! It's a big deal to go from doing nothing to doing something. Good luck on the program, take it nice and easy, and come back here often, as you can see everyone is lovely and so supportive :-)

  • Good luck - just take it nice and steady. You won't regret taking this step.

  • Fantastic !! Well done you !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxx

  • Errr... Hello there ;-)


  • John! Fancy seeing you here. Any more Tweeps lurking? :D

  • Not that I know of.

    Welcome to the C25k gang btw - you'll get great advice & support here.

    Keep going!

    @V ;-)

  • Thanks everyone. I guess next posts should be listed as week 1?

  • Well done! You may dread it & think "what am I doing?!" half way round on your first outing, but once you have cooled down it's a strangely good feeling. Tell us how you get on!

  • Good luck - it will get easier :-)

  • Well done! The sense of achievement becomes addictive pretty quickly, even if the run itself has felt like torture! I look forward to mine so much now (W5R1 just completed), and it's the days when you feel like you've barfed up a lung that you feel most proud for carrying on! I never thought I'd stick with it, but this community is very supportive and inspiring. Just remember that everyone on here - no matter how professional and athletic they sound now! - started out where you just have with the first run. Good luck ☺

  • Well, I'm very pleased to have found this forum and all you lovely people :) thank you so much for all the comments. Thought I'd be really stiff this morning but actually fine. I did the strength/flex thing this morning and that was actually pretty easy (probably wasn't doing it right). Next walk / stagger will be on Tuesday. I'm hoping to keep hold of my other lung ;)

  • There are loads here who are running now having never previously run, having given up either fags, booze, uhealthy food etc and have got fit, lost weight and are still out there running, so you're in good company. Just take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day ☺

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