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Slow and steady just went supersonic....well that's what it felt like!!

I started C25K back in wintery February and the best piece of advice came from Greenlegs....she told me to take it slow and steady.

Well that is what I did as I was (and am still) overweight. I figured it was better to do something slow than nothing at all :) After graduating 2 weeks ago I have since ran 2 5k runs and a long 8.4k (by accident), and signed up for 2 fun runs, and doing the 5x50 challenge :)

I decided to do the stepping stones podcast today. I have had 2 bad runs this week so I wasn't hopeful, but it turned out great. I really enjoyed running to the music and I was able to keep to the beat per minute. I ended up running 150, 155 and 160 bpm. This probably doesn't sound much to some of you but to me the last 5 mins at 160bpm felt like I was flying...positively supersonic :-D I am going to keep with this for a while to see if I can do 160bpm for the whole run. I have a fun run next weekend and I think I will download some music with 155 bpm and see how it goes. I am so happy it went well, bad runs can be a bit depressing, but chin up and get back out there :-D

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Good for you! It is amazing to go faster, isn't it! Slow and steady is definitely a good thing, especially as an alternative to static and unfit, but flying is pretty good too! :)


I too have just finished the stepping stones podcast but well done you for having done 2 5k runs god I haven't managed one not even 4k :( Was thinking of doing this podcast for another two runs then trying to go for a 4k no matter how long it takes. Well one you keep up the excellent work


well done you, I think we started the same time, lovely memories of those early dark chilly runs!! I found stepping stones great too as the beat really helps to up the pace without realising it, and I love Laura's tips on posture etc. Amazing to do an 8.4 k I cannot imagine doing that by accident, I'd be half dead!! Excellent progress, Julia :)


I was following a running trail through a wood and missed an arrow so had to just carry on until the end....won't make that mistake again... :) But it felt good afterwards to know I could do it :-D


Well done! I had a great run the other day with a playlist of mostly 160bpm which felt fine. Unfortunately I'd added two tracks at the end with a bpm of 165 and boy that was hard! Keep it up, you're doing brilliantly :)


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