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Back home and need to start where I stopped

I was overseas for some six weeks and realised that when you guys talk about the rain and not wanting to go out in wet or muddy condition, I now feel the same. 😝

We spent our last week in Germany in cold and wet miserable weather and no way was I going out ! I think you people in England deserve a medal just to go out in bad weather. 🌂

When we first arrived in Europe I was as keen as mustard to show off my running fitness (and gear). I took three pairs of shoes, two pairs of running pants, two running tshirt........ Even bought a "bumbag" to put my key and Euros in.

I did some running in Paris, a bit of running and walking in the South of France, lots of walking in Spain, then it slowly dwindle to just walking.... Eventually it was walking sometime, and finally it was : too busy talking, drinking and eating to even bother about it. What is wrong with me !!! 👿

Anyway now I am back home to peace and quiet, beautiful weather and sea breezy air, half the suitcases have been unpacked, the washing machine working overtime, trying to regain the trust of my dog (kennel), and I am ready to start running again. I just need to sort out my sleeping timetable and try to get up early again. ( I am an early morning runner). As soon as I can be up before the sun, I will be down the beach running.

Yes, I have to do it. Yes I do and yes I will. 😇

Thinking I will redo from week one to nine, one day each. (With a day rest in between of course). Then move on to C25k+ to increase my speed, then slowly add on 1 or 2 K.

I am hoping to show off another medal by Christmas. 🍷

So this is my grumble for the day....... 😁

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Hi Sweetie, you're going to love repeating the programme. I've found it's made me stronger and fitter than I was before my accident.

Can't say I blame you for not running on your holiday- there's far far too much lovely European food and wine and delicious pastries to distract a runner on vacation. At least you got to meet a fellow c25k-er whilst you were in France.

Won't take you long to regain your fitness, I'm sure, especially when you have such a lovely place to run. Have fun :)


Thanks AM, you are a positive influence 🌺

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Wow you've had an amazing holiday, I'm so jealous...but as you say back on it now...take it steady and enjoy the running at this lovely time of year...

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It's gunna be HOT!!!!!!! soon!! :(


Weather man projected 33 today but I recon it was higher. This is why I run very early in the morning.


WElcome back ! Pleased to hear you're back on it with renewed focus. My guess is that it will take just one run and you'll be back in the groove. Ok, then maybe two

Here's looking at ya!

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Yoohooo! She's baaaack on line! (Mfam is happy-dancing around her kitchen.) I was wondering about you when I woke up this morning ) - how weird is that?

I know that you had a fab time in Europe, so don't regret having enjoyed it. Running will always be there for the taking, but that kind of experience, including seeing weird things like orange men sitting on sticks and getting him rumbled immediately, are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It was for me, anyway!

It sounds like you have a great plan there so onwards, forwards and trainer-wards, girl. Big hugs xx

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