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A pause in proceedings!

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Am on enforced rest at the moment. I just started Week 6 and then went down a pothole and badly sprained my ankle 😒

Been advised today not to run for the next six weeks so C25K is over for the moment. I suspect I will have to revisit earlier weeks when I come back or even start over which is a shame. For now though it's off to do less weight bearing stuff.

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Oh poops!!! And ouch! Well take heart.. the runs are still there :)

Work on your upper body strength exercises. stamina too.. and is swimming a go for you?

Keep posting ... (a recount of what exercise you are doing could help others on the programme :) and visiting it will keep you focused:)

Also retail therapy, running... can be very uplifting too..:) and planning new routes as well :)

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Oh poor you 😢

This is every runners dread at any time, let alone when you have come so far in the programme. Use the next weeks to build up other muscles so that when you get back to it you'll be on top form & rest that ankle.

Maybe try something that improves your breathing too like swimming - I've heard karaoke is good for that too!😬

Wishing you a speedy recovery.💐

Thank you...yes I plan to work on my core strength and have some gentle walks. I've bought an ankle support which is helping.

So swimming very much planned and some yoga :-)

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Ouch! Really sorry to hear this. I've just restarted the programme after I had to stop at the end of week two due to bad knees, so I know how frustrating it is. Wishing you a good recovery. Look after yourself.

Oh, thats a shame Droosie. Lots of good suggestions to keep your fitness levels up and you will be back in your running shoes rareing to go...😆xx

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