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I have a place in the GNR... Gulp!

I have wanted to run the Great North Run for as long as I can remember, I watch it on the tv every year and fill up at the sight of those crowds of runners over the Tyne bridge. Last September, since doing c25k, the urge was stronger than ever and the idea played round in my mind and so a couple of weeks ago I entered the ballot.

I didn't dare hope I'd get in but on Thurs I got an email which read "Congratulations...!!" I couldn't speak for a moment and have been spaced out ever since. Me? Running a half marathon on 15th September?

I'm over the moon of course but more than a little daunted, I'm not quite at the 10k mark so there's much work to be done. Any support you wonderful c25krs can offer at all would be very much appreciated - right now I need someone to tell me I can do it. ;-)

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Yes you can! September gives you loads of preparation time. How exciting!

I'll cheer you on (but have no aspirations to join you!) :)


Thanks Greenleg :-) I think a big part of the training is going to be the mindset, much like c25k, I need to believe it's possible.


Oh my word that's awesome!!! Of course you can do it and a little part of you knows that already otherwise you would not have entered. All you have to do now is grow that part of you, turn up for regular training and enjoy it. It's yours for the taking. We will all sweat and celebrate with you!


Thanks Jems :-) I think you're right about me knowing I could when I entered. 'Grow that part of me'... I like that!


,Im in too notbad, running for great north air ambulance,however I am not quite at 5k stage -ran 4,3k in 28mins today on week 8 run 1.

I am having cold sweats about running for 20k! But I never knew I could run for 5 mins never mind 20 a few weeks ago.

Well done for the place,Ive got to raise £250 !!


Well done to you too raspberrytart, my best wishes for your training and fundraising, must admit I found the minimum amount as daunting as the 13.1 miles (although £250 is better than most, some ask £400). I'll hook up with a charity nearer the time, so many worthy causes to choose from.

A friend did the gnr having gone from never run at all in Jan, if she can do it I'm sure you and I can - we'll be on the Tyne bridge with the red arrows overhead before you know it. Hope you'll keep us posted, it'd be great to follow your progress. :-)


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