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W2R1 back again. Can you pause the c25k app?

I graduated 4 years ago but didn’t keep it up. Tried again 2 years ago, same again. But I’m back and enthused! I think the fact I’m 50 this year is part of it, but I know I’ve done it before so can do it again!

I used Lara’s podcasts before and they were great, but fancied my own music this time so downloaded the app. Jo Whiley is my coach at the moment

One question.... is there anyway to pause the app when you pause the music? I know I could do this with Runkeeper before. The problem is I have to cross a busy junction so want to use my headphone pause button to stop everything.

At the moment it pauses my music but not the app, so my 1 minute wait to cross the road messes all my timings up!

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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No idea about the app. I would imagine not, logically. I would suggest either jogging on the spot while you wait to cross the junction or run up and down the sstreet until you get to a walk section and cross the road then. Or just replay your route so you arrive at the junction during a walk bit


Hi if you make sure you have the timer on C25k you can pause it on the screen. You will still get your music and can switch back to whatever you want on your screen.

I always keep the C25k screen on as often the tech gremlins have paused my run and I don’t realise for about 5 mins.

Hope this helps and good luck 👍


hum I dont know. However its great that you are back. Dont worry about pauses or waits... that is life and its allowed!


Definitely don't worry about the road crossings (says she who worries about road crossings, if I stop too long my legs don't want to get going again!) - as Rignold says you can jog on the spot if you want - you can pause the app though!

I found if I did pause it, though, it messed up lowering the volume of my music when the trainer speaks. Tech gremlins indeed!


Thanks all. I zip my phone away in a belt when running and really don’t want to try and control it other than my remote pause button on my headphones. So I think altering my route a bit is the solution :-) Thanks for the dose of common sense !


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