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Run with a view W5 R3

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I was so excited last night because today was the 20 minute run of W5. It felt like a waiting for Santa-exam combo! I took it slowly & steadily and at the end felt I could keep going 🤗. What an amazing programme! I never ever thought I would look forward to running. Great sense of achievement! Good luck to all you fellow Couch25K runners - tattie 🥔 to track star 🏃‍♀️in 9 weeks 😂!

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Now that is a beautiful view and a great achievement, you are now free of the mental barrier to running for longer.

I bet you are grinning like a Cheshire cat and you really deserve it!

What an inspirational view, good going on your run. Wow:)!!!

Great view. It's amazing how it takes your mind off the run.

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GrannyOGraduate in reply to GingerBohemian

It sure does! And the birds singing and the tang in the air!

me too! Isn't it incredible! Well done and good luck for week 6. With that view you have definitely got something to take your mind off things.

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What a gorgeous setting for a fantastic achievement - well done! I'll be dreaming of such a view as I do the same run in the suburbs in Weds😁

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GrannyOGraduate in reply to sjs1969

Good Luck! :)

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Yeay... that is great... excited anticipation:) !!! Well done you!!

Slow and steady does will get you to wherever you want to be :)

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