W5 R3 - Miracles do happen!!

I was supposed to run this yesterday, but I was full of cold, it was dark and pouring with rain, so I decided to wait one more day. Although I still feel lousy I knew I needed to get out there and give it a go. During the first minute my left foot hurt and my right foot felt uncomfortable, but this soon went. At 5 mins I was certain that I wouldn't be able to manage much more, at 10 mins I thought I'd got too much more to go, at 5 I felt perhaps I could hang on. The music helped no end, and Laura certainly knows what she is doing. My problem is that although now most of my run is pain free, I sometimes have to get the ice pack out when I've finished, however this seems to do the trick. Still can't quite believe it - a full 20 mins!!!


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12 Replies

  • Good on you! It's amazing what we can do, that we think we can't, when we put our mind to it,

  • Brilliant. I've got that run next!

  • Well done..but keep it slow and steady. If you are having issues, then some exercise on your rest days may help. Do not push yourself too much, especially if under par.. :)

  • Well done you👍👍🏃🏃its a great feeling that first continuous run! Onwards we go!! Enjoy & soon be at 30mins!!! 😊👍

  • Well done! That's a huge milestone. I used to think that I got my second wind (and got rid of the gremlins) around 10-12 minutes. First my calves would ache, then my shins, then my hips and then everything seemed to settle into a rhythm (of sorts). It was getting past all the achey bits that took the determination.

    That first long one is a great feeling isn't it? Don't be afraid to take an extra day if you need it though, especially if you're under the weather. :)

  • Brilliant. I still find the beginning of a run difficult. The first five minutes are the worst but it's always OK after that. Good luck with the programme

  • About to do the same run tomorrow I will keep your words in mind. Thank you

  • Good luck. I'm sure it will be fine. We need to keep taking just one more step!!

  • Absolutely fantastic! Well done.

  • Oh, only just noticed this post! Where was it hiding!!?

    I was wondering how you got on and now I know. Well done africanali. A full 20 minutes non-stop. I told you that you could do it didn't I? Nice one. It's a satisfying feeling isn't it after you get back home on completion (not as much fun when you're only 5 minutes into it and you're already knackered!!)

    Remember what I said about week 6 mate? Don't make the same mistake as I did. ;)

    All the best! :)

  • Thanks Lee337 I'll remember to go easy and not to be complacent. I'm still feeling the effects of a tender ankle so went out today and got some proper running shoes. I'm now wondering whether to see how it goes tomorrow with the new shoes, and if its still a problem, I may go for every three days to allow for the extra healing time. It may be that it would be good. I'm thinking that this may help rather than to do some real damage. I'm sure the aches are only muscles getting used to the exercise. Good luck for tomorrow too. Its been good following the progress of others - so encouraging. Thanks

  • No probs africanali. :)

    Yeah, I think it really helps that quite a few of us are all at the same stage of the plan and can help to spur each other on. As for the new shoes you got, well hopefully they will help to make things easier, and leaving 3 days between runs won't do any harm I wouldn't of thought. I know it helped me having two rest days instead of just one.

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