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A week of exercises and i am back in the swing. Mojo- found!

I deffo had mixed feelings about this run before i set off. I had to take a week out last week to try and rest my knees a little so instead i have done a full week of daily strengthening exercises. I was apprehensive getting back into it. Would i manage my first week5 run? My sore knees enjoyed their week of exercises and actually, i'm glad i took the time out to take care of my knees/legs proving there is no shame at going at your own pace even if it doesn't follow the plan sometimes! In addition i proved to myself that i can take a week out and get back into it comfortably.

So pleased to have completed this one and to have found my nice steady pace that i find comfortable running at.

I thoroughly enjoyed the run actually and i deffo prefer an evening jog to a morning one!

I fear i am turning into a bit of a jog addict now a days! What a lovely problem to have! Thanks for everyone's support. I really am enjoying this programme!

Looking forward to the next run on Weds as i am totes up for the 8 minute challenge!!!

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Your patience has paid off and you've a learned an invaluable lesson early in your running life, that running waits for everyone. A big well done to you for your patience and for the run 👏👏👏


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