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Think i have my mojo back😊👍


Well out this morning at 7.30am most unusual for me!! Slow but steady did week 6 run 2 plus 2 mins extra to reach 3k was such a lovely fresh sorry cold 😱Morning but i had popped my head out the door so i was prepared for it! As you can see😂Also had a hat on too!! Well von99 i hope you been out too!! As you have kept me going😊😊big thankyou & to my dear friend flossie22( i think thats right😂But I know you will understand if i have it wrong!) you have kept me going! 3 times a week running is my aim to build up my fitness again! This is the best forum & program out & glad to be back into running 😊🏃🐢🏃😊happy running everyone😊X

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Lovely pic Pc59 your kit looks smashing and you look great in it.😊

So pleased you are getting back into the running groove again..I think reading other people's posts does help you get out of the door start planning your next run and looking forward to it.

Its still super cold though, so we do need to keep wrapped up, do you wear gloves too.?

3k is brilliant..😊xxx

Pc59Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

O you are so right jan😊I need this forum as it keeps me going & i so want to keep everyone else going too as its a two way system 😀O it was cold here too i had my hat on as well but i do need to get Gloves hands were freezing but watmed up eventually 😊 O it is so good to be back & can't waIt to get to my 5 k again 😊So everyone please keep me going 😊Happy running 🏃😊👍


Wonderful post and wonderful pic! You look fabulous (and I want that top)! ☺

Pc59Graduate in reply to McFitty

Aldis best it was so reasonable as well!! All my gear is aldis apart from trainers o so expensive but worth every penny😊


I am so pleased for you! What a lovely photo and I love the way your nail polish matches your running trews and your trainers, how very clever of you :) Can't wait to get back out there one day myself! Happy running to you, dear Pc59 x :)

Pc59Graduate in reply to Flossie22

I never noticed that 😂Flossie😂I will be there for you my dearest friend who has supported me all the time! Gently does it or il be coming down to keep an eye on you😂X


Welcome back, Pc59's missing mojo! Don't leave her ever again. :)


O im so glad to be back 😊Ive missed you all☹️But l need everyone here to keep me going I must get back to 3 runs a week 1 more to go😊


Hooray - the mojo returns! Sounds like a film title! So full of admiration of you getting out there in this cold weather. I had to work this afternoon and when I came home I'm ashamed to say I just couldn't face it in the cold. I will really try to get out this weekend though. Watch this space....🐌

Pc59Graduate in reply to Von99

Im on it!!! Its ok sometimes life gets in the way! We will keep each other going 2 days left of the weekend so plenty of time to get a run in! Jeep me updated😊😊x


Well done Pc59! We have an Aldi's near us - I must check them out. I have been building up as well...nearly back at 5K now. I've found that I've enjoyed it far more than the first time around and I actually feel much more comfortable with my running. And running in Spring has got to be better than fog and ice!


O so glad you posted that😊I felt same when i came back after a month off due to being ill! I think il be a wee while before i get to 5 k but thats ok😊 Slow but steady thats me😂😂


Big thumbs up to you!!! :) :) :)

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