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NoGo Mojo - Am I eating enough?

I graduated last week, which was a bit of a flat spot. It wasn't the run I had planned, and it wasn't a good run. I've had a bit of a cold and the like for about a week, and am pretty much over it.

On Sunday I went for a run in the morning, and to be honest it was my worst run yet. I didn't run for 30 minutes without a rest, which is the first time ever. I felt really out of sorts with the whole thing. Later that morning we met up with friends and walked around a reservoir which is 5 miles (no stretch for me at all, used to 15+ in a day!). Then in the evening I cycled over to the next village and back (6 miles round trip). So, probably more exercise in one day than I normally do.

The thing is on the day after Monday I was so tired. Positively run down, flat batteries and all that. My legs ached in a kind of 'flu' / tired kind of way. I had an hour and half's kip straight after work, then back to bed at 8pm. Knackered, slept all night. I can't believe I am still suffering from this cold, but then my wife said 'Are you eating enough in relation to the exercise you are doing?' I guess this is the classic question to ask your GP. Has anybody else experienced this? It's left me really rather flat.

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Could just be that you weren't as over it add you thought. If you're worried about food consumption I can recommend myfitnesspal, try it for a week and see what it says.


I will check out myFitnessPal. Thanks


Yesterday I signed up fro myFitnessPal, and was very honest about what I entered. I also tried to stay on my normal eating routine.

Yesterday was a good sample day as I was out in the evening with a friend for a 6 mile walk over the fields, and a few beers.

Calorie wise for the day, bearing in mind I set up myFitnessPal for a 250g weight loss per week, was slightly over.

Carbs though, diff. story. I should have had 190, had I not been exercising, 370 with exercise. I managed 177. Even if I made some errors in the data I entered, that is not even half!

Thanks for the tip about myFitnessPal. very interesting. I didn't think my diet was that bad, but now I see it could do with some tuning on exercise days :-)


I have found recently that a few hours after a run I am completely exhausted - to the point where I fell asleep in the hairdressers - and have been wondering if I'm not eating enough after a run. I usually run in the mornings and am going to make a real effort to have a banana on my return and then eat breakfast within half an hour of returning. I have lost weight on this programme without changing my eating habits so maybe your wife is right and it's worth upping things a bit to see if it helps. Also viruses can flatten you for quite awhile. Hope it picks up soon.


Thanks for your reply, its nice to know that I am not the only one. It's only happened once. Though I did have an incident a few years ago after an 18 mile walk, and a delayed meal in a restaurant where I nearly passed out (blood sugars fell very low - I am not diabetic). I trashed the pot plant display as I staggered out for air. That got the service moving. :-)

A banana is a good idea, slow release energy I think, so will see me through.


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