Week 6 Run 1

After surprising myself by completing a W5R3 20 minute run on Friday I am now absolutely terrified at the prospect of entering Week 6. I keep focussing on Run 3 and the 25 minutes. I don't know how I did the W5R3 and I ached all day yesterday. The memory of the euphoria of competing the Run has now all but disappeared and the negative gremlins have snuck back in. Help 😳


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8 Replies

  • Week six is NOT bad. The first two runs consolidate your progress. The 25 minutes is much easier than the 20 minutes... Kick the gremlins out.

  • Hi Helz. I'm at the same stage as you.

    I had a 2 week break from running due to my hols, but thought I would brave it and started back where I left off.

    Last week I began W6 - just think, R1 & R2 are somehow less daunting than W5 R3 @ 20mins.

    I'm doing W6R3 this week. Like you say, the thought of doing a 25min run petrifies me. But I do feel prepared having done R1&R2. I'm sure we will be great and can do this!

  • Stop, stop that right now, YOU ran for 20 minutes, providing your breathing is ok you WILL also do this one too! I did W6R3 yesterday, I actually found it easier than W5R3 as I now know, I was the one holding myself back, the program prepares you for these runs without you even realising it.

    I work on the mantra of, If I can run for 20 minutes then I can run for 25, if I can run for 25 minutes then I can run for 28 and I'm damn sure if can run for 28 minutes then I can run for 30!

    Believe in yourself, you can do this.

  • Firstly, well - blinkin' - done!!! Revel in the wonderfulness of what you've just achieved! Big pats on the back are mandatory! You are getting there and doing amazingly. :)

    Secondly, we all felt exactly how you feel right now. Terrified for Wk6 and wondering how we did actually manage those 20 mins, sore legs and lots of stumbling in my case - so it felt. Oxygen and ambulance on stand by!

    'Trust the Programme' is a kind of mantra on here. It's what you have to do. We all managed the run, and we come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of fitness, all manner of breathlessness!! Gasping is my speciality! The previous weeks have got you ready for it physically, it's just our crazy brains that interfere with the process.

    I also find that swearing profusely helps me massively, but that's not for everyone, I understand :)

    We believe in you, cos we've been there and done it. And if we can do it, anyone can - honestly!! Do let us know how you get on. Can't wait to say well - blinking' - done!

  • p.s. Just to say, you can always go slower too if need be :)

  • Only look at the run you are doing next, if it gives you the collywobbles.............otherwise that marathon you are going to do next year will really freak you out!

    There is nothing to fear. It is a training plan. Your next challenge is a single workout with less running in it than the last one you did...and a walking break!

    That run will prepare you for the next one, just as the plan has done each week. Should you not complete the run, you repeat it. Is that really something to fear? You can only fail the process by staying terrified on the sofa.

    Relish the challenge, for what it is. Not the insurmountable Everest that you have built it into. It is just a run....... enjoy it.

  • Thanks all. I was just thinking that I have a dip in resolve always on my rest days. If I just repeat the mantra of 'trust in the programme' and keep the positive attitude I know I will crack it.

    This forum is just amazing for support.

    Appreciate all comments. Thank you.

  • Silly you... you are doing it... and those gremlins? You go out... slow and steady and squish them flat!

    With every step you take..rest up... do some stretching... and then get out. Start slow and stay slow....:)

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