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Finally finished week 2!

So for those who remember just over 2 months ago I did the first run of week 2 and the following morning struggled to even walk down the stairs.

The exercises the Bupa triage physio gave me to do didn't really improve matters so after a week he referred me to see an actual physiotherapist.

After a couple of painful sessions of physiotherapy, and a number of weeks doing the exercises she's been telling me to do I can actually run again :)

Re-did week 1 runs over a couple of weeks and then this past week completed week 2 with no real issues!

Very pleased :) Looking forward to seeing how I handle run 1 of week 3 tomorrow now!

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Well done!


Well done for sticking with it and good luck!


Well done and good for you ;)

I've just done run one of week three...no problem, I'm sure that you will do the same.


Handle it, as you should, slow and really really steady!


Nice to see you back....


Thanks everyone :) Done a couple of Wk3 runs now, last one tomorrow after work... I went out yesterday thinking "I'll just take it as slowly as I can, get through the time" and ended up setting 4 PR's according to strava. Ooops! Felt absolutely fine though, definitely didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard.


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