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Tonight will be my first run of Wk1 and my running partner i was due to join with has pulled out so i'm pretty scared as i feel so unfit at the mo.

I did the Couch to 5k about 4yrs ago but i really feel like my fitness level has taken a massive dip!

I am joining a running club to do this and i am worried i will be the one at the back struggling... arghhh!!

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The only way to maintain fitness is to maintain the exercise.

I would be surprised if a running club allows anyone to feel they are struggling. They should be experienced enough to keep the group together, so don't worry.

I personally believe that you are better off doing C25K on your own, where your pace is set by you and no-one else, but clubs have a great success rate and it works for many.

Good luck.

Actually I totally agree, I would not have wanted to do the program with others as I do not like to feel I need to run faster than my own (slow) pace...


Hey don't worry, I came into this a couple of weeks ago having not excercised at all for years. Week 1 will be challenging, it was for me, but you will get through it, and you will actually have run for 8 minutes by the end of it. The programme is designed for people just like us.

Sure, you will feel challenged, but I'm quite sure you will be able to rise to that challange. if even I can do it, I'm sure you can!

Just remember, as many many people on here will say, take slow and steady. No need to rush, it's not about the speed you do or even the distance, it's about getting active. My first run was little more than walking pace. I would say after 2 weeks I've improved a bit, and that's only after 6 runs so far for me.

If you need encouragement, you really can't get better than this forum!

Good luck to you, I'm rooting for you, as we all are.


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Ah thank you.. i will let you know how i go :)

I do lots of cycling in groups and those of us at the back are always pleased to have company 😊


You will be fine - and looking back after this run, you will be tired, but proud!

I completed Week 3 Run 3 last night, and the sense of achievement you get after initially struggling with Week 1 is immense! Good Luck!

all the clubs I ever read about have beginners sessions and when newbies turn up, they take time to look out for you.I am with IannodaTruffe on this and prefer the solo running, as the only person you need to worry about is you.

Even as a back marker within a running club, most runners are so supportive of newbies, I am sure you will be alright. Someone has to be at the tail, you very nobly have decided to take on that role...

Good luck and happy running


Try not to worry- it doesn't help :)

Keep posting and we will cheer you on. It seems like runners are a really kind and helpful bunch, so I am sure they will look after you :)


Just take it slow and steady, let your fitness and stamina levels build up again, you'll be running 30 minute 5k's before long.


IannodaTruffe gives some great advice... and no need for nerves... this is your journey.. do it your way...:)

If the club leave you at the back struggling.. which is highly unlikely... leave the club and just run with all of us:) Slow and very steady!

Hi Laura. Don't be nervous. I just completed run 1 of week 1 this afternoon & I did it all alone. Just me in the park with my phone. No fancy kit or anything. Just a determination to get it done & I did.

In life we all have to start somewhere and sometimes it's better starting off alone where your determination comes from within and not from others.

I wish you well for tonight and remember... you can do it.

Keep us updated.


Thank you, i probably should have said it is a Couch to 5k running club that i have joined and it is everyone's 1st time there tonight so we will all be in the same boat. We do 1 run a week together off the App for 9 weeks as well as 2 homework runs each week at home again following the App.

I'm sure i won't be the only nervous one there and hopefully i will meet lots of lovely like minded people x

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That sounds perfect! You can all cheer each other on :)

Honestly, don't worry, just do it! Many people are not fit when they start, but by taking the little steps that the program gives, their fitness improves & yours will too - I know mine has! We all start somewhere & I'm sure the others in the running club will be very supportive. Good luck, relax & enjoy your achievements!

I'd just like to say that I'm on my second week of running the first week (if you know what I mean). Doing 8 minutes straight off (even with the breaks) was never going to work for me. I do it on my own and at my own pace . I'm up to about 7 mins now and maybe I'll get there this weekend then I'll start week 1 properly. I am determined to do it but it might take me longer than others! The other piece of advice I've given myself is - I'm better in the evenings - no idea why.

good luck!

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