I graduated just before my 2 week holiday. Although I did lots of exercise on holiday: hiking, swimming and three 5k run/ walks on the coastal path, I haven't been running with Laura. So what am I scared of? Not being able to run for 30 minutes non-stop! Do I still have the will power?

I'm going to do the c25k+ podcast and see how I get on. Later in the week I want to try running 5k (nowhere near that in my 30 mins yet), then next Saturday I'm planning to do my first park run. There, now I've told you all, I'd better get on with it. Wish me luck!!


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  • Good luck. And if you've temporarily lost your ability to keep going for 30 minutes (you haven't, but gremlins can be sneaky) just remember that this is temporary. We start with a temporary inability to run 90 seconds, then to run 3 minutes, and so on, till we reach 10 times that. If you're even right down at 60 seconds again, you're only 9 weeks away from a Regular 30 minutes of running at a time, so even the worst case is not something to look upon with dread. It's an inconvenience getting totally unfit; nothing more.

  • Thanks. I did it, and fastish for me. I kept to the beat for the first half then on the slightly uphill route home kept lagging behind until laira nagged! The last 5 minutes was beyond me at the moment, but I kept going. Feel pretty proud!

  • Well done. That showed those gremlins.

  • Hmmm sounds like the gremlins have been sneaking in there and putting doubts in your mind ...

    I would give the 30 min a go , see how you feel and get on, nothing wrong with walk breaks or even run/walks if you struggle towards the end .. save the + podcasts for another day no pressure on you then regarding pace etc

    You shouldn't have lost any fitness or stamina in those 2 weeks and you did do some exercise :D

    Parkrun will be great for you I am sure :) go out and enjoy the run no matter what pace ..

  • Thanks I think I'm looking forward to park run but wish my son was home to come too.

  • Go for it! If you find at any point in those 30 mins that things are tough, just slow your pace right down. You can do this. And Parkrun is fab. X

  • I agree with SlowRob - you won't have lost it in 2 weeks and it is not as if you have actually been inactive by the sounds of it. I am more inclined to think that once you get out there you will have benefited from the break and will run with renewed vigour.

    A wise contributor to this forum wrote that getting out the door is the hardest bit sometimes. So kit on, out the door and you will be fine.

    My first Park Run next week as well.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck for park run. We'll have to compare notes next week x

  • Indeed we will!

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