Ignoring Mr Smooth

He sent me the date invitation and I rolled over and went back to sleep, because I am now on the IC.

I wasn't until yesterday morning, when doing a huge strenuous amount of exercise, I pulled a muscle in my back and can hardly move. Every step sends pain up my back.

What was this exercise I hear you ask, so you can avoid the same mistake. It was stepping out of a shower, not any old shower, the shower we've had for 14 years, you think I'd be used to it by now.

Ho hum, right royally peed off...😡


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76 Replies

  • I hurt my back while sleeping, a niggling injury going on three months now. Get it looked into, please, sometimes the right intervention can make that sort of stuff go away quickly rather than lingering on. Wish I had done so right at the beginning of this stupid sore back nonsense.

    Sleeping and showering -- to be avoided, apparently. (definitely to be avoided at the same time :-) )

  • Who knew showers were a hazard... am in Italy, so no local doc, but taking it easy with pain relieving gel and if it stays a problem, to the local policlinic i will trot...

  • Ouch!

    In fact ouchy ouchington.

    Definitely not liking that post.

    I do hope you get better really soon.

  • Utterly miffed, great time to do it when we have 10 cyclists arriving this evening for 5 days.... oh joy. Still it gets me out of heavy lifting!

  • Oh no. Showers can be tricky things, especially over the bath showers. I ended up with a frozen shoulder after slipping a couple of years ago. As ejvcruns says get it looked at and take care of yourself.

  • No excuse, grippy floor, flat base, just stupid woman who evidently had forgotten how to get out of a shower. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It's not like it's a proper runner's injury....

  • Sometimes stuff just happens. Rest up and you will be good as new and raring to go 😁

  • I do loads of cycling and managed to break my arm last year brushing my path. Everyone I met asked if I'd fallen off my bike. It would have been a more exciting answer! Take care of yourself. It's so boring being on the IC. The cyclists can make themselves at home they'll be fine.

  • Positive affirmations! You are not stupid. Your action may be what you call stupid,but i doubt that too...just unfortunate. You can help heal yourself ..positive healing 'talking " to your subconscious "My back is strong I am painfree"or something along those lines. You must keep faith it is true. On another level perhaps your subconcsious is "telling you to slow down"for whatever reason..ask it.

    You haven't lost your sense of humour. I love reading your posts..more blogs less exercise??

    I graduated today using the affirmations "with every step my legs are getting stronger"I did 5.69k in 38 mins..great for me aged67!

  • WOW! You are FAST!!! I am 13 min+ for a mile....

  • Oh no! Take it easy and get it checked out if it doesn't improve.

  • From one back sufferer to another OUCH ... get it looked at and I hope you don't spend a lot of time on the IC

  • Me too, fingers crossed...

  • Oh no - you poor thing! I know that pain very well. For me being in water makes a big difference. Can you get yourself to your local pool? If you're like me you might need help with changing, but once in the water I get a massive relief. Good luck - I hope it doesn't last too long!

  • Little better this afternoon, going for r and r first of all, then we will see....

  • Oh no! Rest up and feel better soon.

  • Oh no, backs are dodgy things. Hopefully you'll be up and sorted and out again soon. I've been regularly seeing a chiropractor now for 5 years after a snowboarding fall. Doing nothing can make it bad, doing too much can set it off too. Regular exercise is good but always got to be very careful. Putting my shoe on once put it right out. Sending you healing vibes:)!!!

  • Thanks it would feel so much more runnery (is that a word) if I had been doing my first 5k Park run or similar, but no wimpy stepping out of the shower....

  • Nightmare! Those pesky showers will always find a way to get you, ask my big toe! Take it easy Mrs JCR, hope it mends soon and you can take up the offer from Mr Smooth!

  • I wonder if he does back massages....

  • At the risk of sounding like everyone's mother/grandmother I am putting weird muscle aches down to sudden dip in temperature. Went camping last week and we had 0deg ground frost. No idea how that fits in with aftermath of warm (presumably) shower but huge commiserations JCR. Don't be a stranger or I'll have to go back to watching TV / reading paper! Have become forum addict who sometimes runs 😉

  • I wish I could blame the temperature drop but it was 28 degrees here. Still it's just a stupid thing, I felt it go and of course there's nothing you can do....

  • That is me too...my kids moan I talk on here more than to them these days🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh so sorry to hear that you're on the IC. Hope you can get it treated soon. Be kind to yourself & take it easy. X

  • Aww bugger. Sorry to hear this. Hope you get it sorted soon. Get some heat on it and try to keep moving to avoid it seizing up completely xx

  • Will do looking out for your run reports too...

  • Going out tonight. Son was sent home from nursery again yesterday and my legs were stiff still from Monday.

  • Blimey you can't win at the moment, run for me this evening please? Just not from the shower....

  • My mum just got here to watch Flynny so I can go for my run. I'll finish it up near school to get Erica from after school run. No showers involved!

  • Thank heavens for that... wouldn't want two of us with shower sprain....

  • Oh, l know those, I'm fully with you, it's painful AND infuriating. Last time it hit me (equally banal, everyday situation) l was in agony, body was useless. It took my osteopath a few of her best chops to put me right. Get well soon (easy to say).....!

  • Sorry to read this Jan, it's so easily done. If you can, get it checked out but I hope it eases soon.

  • Aww, I hope you are all well and running again soon. XxX

  • Yup, doesn't take much sometimes to do your back in...pain killers and TLC...

  • Does vino collapso count?

  • Hang on! Isn't that what we are supposed to be taking? To an extent that IS medication, no? ;)

  • Counts in my book.....🍷

  • Ah, thank god. For a moment l thought I've lived a lie! 🎶

  • Oh no 😕get well soon Jan x

  • Had a friend drowned in her shower. She slipped and banged her head. She passed out, would have been OK the Inquest reckoned except her beautiful long hair stopped the water draining down the plug hole and the shower was still on.

    ALWAYS have a non slip mat in the shower AND on the floor where you step out of the tub.

  • That is the really stupid thing it is a non slip floor with gridded tiling that is non slippy. And I didn't even slip, literally just stepped down and wham it went. I can only blame my balance or in this case lack of it.

  • Oh no how dreadfull ! Such a freak accident

  • That's heartbreaking, poor woman.

  • Oh no?????? I hope you're not on there very long JCR...???!!! I neeeeeeeeed you!!! I'll try keep you entertained so you don't get bored....blooming showers...🤕

  • Well tomorrow am going to try a walk and see how that feels... but I can always post the results of my mental wandering... if you get really stuck.

  • Sorry to here your bad news. Very frustrating especially that it wasn't even running! Still chin up, Mr Smooth is waiting patiently, sitting on the end of the IC, patting your hand and passing you chocolates :)

  • Now there's a thought

  • Oh no!!! Hope your recovery is nice & quick! :-)

  • Poor you :(

    But hey, no heavy lifting is a good thing ;)

    Chiropractor check i it doesn't stop soon. Water (swimming pool?), ask Mr JCR for light massage, very light stretching, and A LOT of resting.

    You will be soon out there on you dates with Mr Smooth. In the meantime, enjoy laziness, and relax. Let Mr JCR do most of the stuff and take care of you like a Princess ;)

  • This is so frustrating for you . Take care and I hope your back gets better as speedily as possible. Swimming is good if you can manage it

  • Oh Jan how awful, I'm so sorry to hear this. You're always such great support for everyone on here and always upbeat and happy. Try and rest and repair. These things are sent to try up I know that. X

  • Ah no!!!! That is a bummer...get better soon Jcr!!! 🙃🤗

  • Damn...I feel your pain. Hopefully it'll soon recover. Meanwhile I'd be flicking two fingers at that pesky shower 😉

  • Oh Jan, I feel for you! I pulled my back once putting my shoes on, it's frustrating I know but have a rest and bounce back with a vengeance!!

    Hope to read your funny blogs again soon😂

  • Reading about running isn't quite the same as doing it, but am hoping for a try out tomorrow..

  • Hope you feel better soon Jancanrun. Having a bad back is miserable and wearing. Take it easy and let Mr JCR look after the cyclists.

  • Thanks he's out with them now and I am lazing in bed....

  • Always happens when you least expect it - I did mine a few months ago when I was getting out if bed! As with you, it 'just went'. Plenty of R & R and ibuprofen sorted it and was back out for a gentle trot a week later.

    Hope yours feels better soon, JCR.

  • I put my back out in July trying to lift a plant pot - admittedly it WAS heavy, and I wouldn't have been able to lift it anyway, but I went at it all wrong and then suddenly PING! Anyhoo, I was lucky enough to get physio on it at work within the week. She taped it up for me (bliss) and then a couple of days later I was also lucky enough (through work) to have a free go in an Epsom salts floatation tank. And that pretty much sorted it! Now, I doubt you'll have a floatation tank in rural Italy but maybe see if you can get yourself a big bag Epsom salts and have a few REALLY salty baths. Good luck!

  • Do have a jacuzzi in the garden... never seen Epsom salts here, but I bet they have them. That sounds like a plan.

  • Big hugs. Hope you feel better soon and it eases. X

  • Oh no. Sending positive vibes to Italy. Imagine Mr Smooth as your doctor/physio! What would he say? 'Rest up, and take it slow and steady. I know you can do this.....'! 😉

  • Oh no you poor thing. After recently being on the IC myself for a similar issue I can empathise. Take care of yourself, go and see someone asap my treatment got muscles out of spasm very quickly which in turn reduced pain and made movement much easier. Get well soon x

  • Oh dear, take it easy, hope you get better soon.

  • Oh Jan, that's not good news, I feel rather sad and glum for you. Do what you can to make it better. You could always use the reason that you were thinking of going for a long RUN after you got out of the shower, so that it could be interpretated as a running injury, heehee. Not funny, but you know what I mean. Sending healing vibes and waves to you lovely 😊I'm off to Italy shortly.... Let's hope I don't fall or step out of a shower awkwardly, lol.

  • Check out the pesky showers... actually 2 days rest and it's not stabbing any more, so I am taking that as a big win... thanks QB, hope you enjoy Italy

  • So sorry to hear this! Glad to hear that it's slightly better but don't rush things. Back pain is horrible and you don't want it to recur.

    After my comedy bum injury during the summer due to slipping while cleaning the terrace (surely a quintessential "Italian housewife" accident if ever there was one), I hear you re the frustration of having an injury due to banal causes.

    If it's any consolation I think I am on the IC too, with unexplained sore foot and knees (after taking an enforced pause from running - so what's that all about?).

    Take care.

  • I am putting mine down to stupid tart syndrome. Quite why I thought a weird unnecessary sidestep dismount was necessary is beyond me. It's not like I am Lewis Smith, doing a double pike with tuck dismount...

    Hope your foot gets better too, I have hopes to try tomorrow, fingers crossed...

  • Stupid tart syndrome! Oh I LOVE this. There should be a special clinic for it. :D

    I think the cure is wine (or is that sometimes the cause? Best have a drop just in case).

  • That's what i call myself!! 🤣🤣

  • I have done the same thing while towelling off after a shower. Couldn't move without screaming in pain. Took about 18 hours for an emergency doctor to arrive. It's the little things. Moving In a funny way. I've since broken my back and have 4 screws in my spine so I'm well aware of how fragile and easily damaged the back can be.

    Take the time to recover fully before attempting exercise or you will just set yourself back again. Get well soon.

  • Thanks it is bizarre that I could cope with it had I been doing something 'proper' - it's just the stupidity of it that has bugged me most. And I know about the fragility of backs - MR JCR has two lengths of titanium and an eiffel tower in his... So not taking any chances with mine... Ho hum

  • Aww I am sorry to hear that Jan. Yes it happens so easily. I think wine helps in situations like this 😀 hope you are healed and running again soon.

  • That doesn't sound like much fun. How are you now? Be sure to rest and not be too keen on doing anything that puts you two steps back, won't you?

    (p.s. What does IC mean??)

  • Injury Couch - I thought it was Intensive Care originally and couldn't understand why so many people on a running forum had been on the IC.

  • Hope you're better soon. I trapped a nerve in my neck getting out of bed a few weeks ago! Going out for my first run since, in a bit.

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