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First Time runner

Hey there folks, well here I am three days after I started the c25k workout plan. I've started my first week on my x-trainer at home to get used to the idea of exercise for 30 minutes. I'm hoping to head out into the wide world next week for the first time and let people see my lumbering body walk and run for 30 minutes. Is it normal to feel nervous to run outside for the first time? I will add a photo soon and look forward to making new friends.

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Course it is. I walked out the house yesterday on my first run in all my gear to find many neighbours mowing their front lawns! Nearly turned round and went back in but at the end of the day this is something I'm doing for me no one else so I thought sod it. Started my brisk walk out the close with a wave to all 😀 they'd all gone back in by the time I got back so they didn't get to bask in the glow of my face 😂


Yes it is normal!

I did a quick jog behind my local park in an alleyway which is hardly used the first time I tried it, the second time I put the podcast on my phone and got out there nervous but concentratin on the task at hand.

The people on this forum are absolutely fabulous at kicking gremlins into touch and any and all other types of advice and discussion so make sure you come back and tell us how you do or don't get on! Well done for getting started and welcome 😊

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It's completely normal to be nervous of venturing outside to exercise for the first time. And it's not entirely unreasonable, because occasionally it does happen that somebody whose opinion doesn't matter will say something unpleasant, which it's going to take several months of training for you to get to the stage where you can punish them viciously with your fists for being horrible potatoes. (So you're going to have to just ignore it, and carry on with what you were busy with, and maybe not even bide your time, plotting your vengeance.)

Sorry, I'm getting a bit silly. Thing is it's also completely normal to get quite relaxed out there when you prove to yourself that your fears are 99% unfounded (you're only going to have to kill off about 1% of the people you meet, once you've learnt all the arts of revenge in a few years time).

I can't reassure you that it'll be OK, and expect you to just accept that. You'll have to go out there, be ready to let a few little things go, and hope that you're out on a nice day, where everyone else is as preoccupied with their own business as you are with yours.

And then later you'll start wanting to go out there just because you WANT TO. (Another thing you can only prove to yourself).

If I happen to run past you, I'll wave, and remember my own first metaphoric mountains. Unfortunately for you, I live several thousand miles away, so that's not very likely to occur.

Think of it this way: The more you do this, the more quickly any idiots that get in your way will whoosh past, as you move on to better things.

Well done for starting. That's possibly the hardest step of all.


Yes it is perfectly normal to feel nervous. I started the plan in the depths of winter and was grateful the mornings were dark so I wouldn't be seen! However this does change. It wasn't long before I was happy to run outside in daylight. Don't worry what others think. Be proud because you have got off the couch and started to run. Good luck with the programme!


thanks for all your comments guys, really helpful. I haven't gone and bought lots of running gear yet, but I have invested in a good pair of running shoes. So when they arrive I'm out in my local park with my wonderful partner in support. Will keep you posted on my progress


O my goodness YES I believe it is normal to feel self conscious when people first go out and that there comes a time when people say blow/sod it. I am only on week 2 was out last night and I can tell you I felt very self conscious, so know how you feel.

I wish you the best of luck



PS I am looking forward to the blow it/sod it as well lol



Day 4 for me ("done" day 1 and 2, in that I have tried them). Day 1 I ran in the dark, today I went to a secluded bit of the park, but by run 8 I ran through the main bit and knowing people could see me spurred me on to last the full 60 seconds.

Good luck



If you want something different in your life you've got to do something different. At first it feels odd, strange as if you're pretending, putting on a performance then its just performance :-) Whoosh!


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