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First time runner, wish me luck!

I've just done my first run with Laura and it went OK! It's taken me months to pluck up the courage to make a start, and it's definitely thanks to this community that I've done it - reading all the encouraging posts on here and the advice to go really slowly has helped me take my first step. I was lucky in that my husband came with me - he's just done his first half-marathon but he was really happy to stick to the slow pace and support me. I'll be super nervous the first time I go on my own later this week.

Yikes - can I really do this???

Thanks everyone

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You certainly can!

Welcome and very well done :) This a great forum and great fun! Loads of good advice and loads of support and encouragement :)

Lovely to have your husband supporting too, and you will be fine going solo... because actually, we run with you... right by your side...:)

Keep posting, successes and any setbacks if you have them; take your rest days, with other exercise on those days if you can manage it. It all helps with core strength and stamina.

Main thing, and a bit of a mantra on here is, steady and slow....it works !

Enjoy your next run, and looking forward to that post :)


Thank you so much!


Wel cone! Great that you have started, well done. Terrific that your hubby can and will adapt his pace to support you. My son occasionally runs with me and its grand! He ran my graduation run with me😀

You will be fine out on your own, its your journey, but hubby can join you if invited maybe occasionally?

Slow and steady......its going to be great, enjoy!

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Well done for making the big step of starting this journey, you won't regret it.

Yes you can most definitely do this!! If I can do it anyone can!!!

Good Luck and keep posting updates X


Go girl go! Well done for getting started. Nine weeks ago I felt just like you and now I'm running for 30 mins, all down to this forum and Laura. So I'm confident that if I can do it you can. Go for it!


Well done for getting started and good on hubby for slowing down and running with you. Keep it slow like the others have said and you'll be fine 😀


Thanks so much everyone - this forum is the most encouraging and friendly I've ever come across! I'm enjoying feeling a little stiffness in my legs today, feels weirdly good!


Well done, yes this forum really helps! Keep at it and read the forums for help and inspiration.

I've just done 1st run of week 2 and not too bad, especially now I have figured out how to use the podcast! 😀

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Thank you! And well done working out the podcast - working out the technology (as well as what on earth to wear so I don't feel horrendously self-conscious) are additional challenges!


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