Running with high blood pressure

I'm re doing c25k and am currently on week 4, I had a health check last week and my bp was really high, I've been feeling a bit iffy and am worried that running will make my bp worse. Any advice please as I don't want to stop. I did go on a run this morning and felt fine so hopefully I can continue. I have another check up tomorrow so fingers crossed :(


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  • Excercise should help lower your BP Pat, so keep going with it.

  • I have high bp and take medication but after going back to the gym about a year ago and now this provramme it has stayed within the more healthy limits. So go for it but check with your GP/nurse when you go for your checkup tomorrow.

  • Thanks, I really enjoyed my run today so am hoping I can carry on.

  • I also have high Bp which is controlled by meds but it has improved so much since the running GP was really happy. Added to this I hv a whole in my heart but GP quite happy for me to run . Just check ad then get going good luck lets us know how you get on


  • I am a 56 yr old woman and I have high BP but it is controlled by meds and I have been walk/running now for 7 months and have lost 35 pounds and up to 10 Kilometers a day. I have trouble with both of my knees, Baker cysts and torn meniscus in my right knee and a baker cysts growing in my left knee. I was just been diagnosed with OA osteoarthritis and i was told to keep myself active, sometimes when i sit still for ten minutes I have a hard time even moving or getting out of a chair, when I get my body moving it is so much easier and i am much happier, on gray days my body hurts so bad and I work through the pain by walking. I have become so addicted to walking I feel awful if I miss a day. But I must keep going and not be a quitor. Stay safe everyone and take care. Ria

  • This is inspirational, you have my respect and admiration x

  • I have found that exercise sorted out my high blood pressure. Mine wasn't quite higher enough for meds but was something that the doctor thought would happen eventually. It is now normal / good. If you have been feeling a bit iffy with it, suggest that you speak to the doctor first to make sure they are happy with you to keep running (am sure they will be) but better safe than sorry. Keep exercising and I bet you will see your blood pressure come down

  • I take medication for high blood pressure also for an irregular heart beat. BP is better than it used to be and IHB so far has not been a problem. My asthma test this autumn was 25% improvement on previous years which the nurse was very pleased about. So I agree with the others if you get the OK from your doc go for it but listen to your body.

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