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High Blood Pressure

I'm absolutely delighted. Before starting c25k, my regular blood pressure readings were falling in the range of 135/85 to 146/92. These figures are classed as being higher than normal and I was conscious that I wanted to reduce those numbers.

I'm into week 4 of the programme, with a mix of activities across the week, and this morning my average readings were 112/76, which is in the normal range!

What's more, I certainly feel less stressed and have loads more energy.

Anybody else seen their blood pressure improve since starting C25K?

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Well done.

Your situation is common but is a great example of how exercise can change the way our bodies work.

Stick with it, there are so many more benefits to come from running.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Fantastic, I think there are loads of people with similar stories, well done you :)

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Wow!😮 Becoming an athlete! means hearts becoming stronger and heart rate is coming down as you get fitter. Well done!

Mines a similar story..😊

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Well done:)


Mine, mate. It went down from stroke territory to normal.

Ok, ok, l also quit smoking. Alright, ok, l also severely cut down on alcohol. Ok, fair enough, l swapped burgers with avocados. Erm, eh, oh yes, and l sleep more and better!

And...and, oh, l know, l can run 10K where previously struggled to walk to off licence.

If those changes don't drop anyone's blood pressure then nothing else will ;)

Keep it up, man :)

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Sounds like you've had some sort of epiphany! Great post. Keep on keeping on!


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