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High Blood pressure helped by running

Have just read the article posted by Andrew Watson, about how running has helped his high blood pressure.

Some years ago I was diagnosed with high bp, but now have it under control with a tablet a day. I'm wondering if I will be able to eventually stop taking the tablet now I've started running and becoming fitter.

Has anyone on here been able to stop taking medication for high BP since they started running? thanks

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My brother-in-law has done just this (with the approval of his doctor!). Having been on blood pressure drugs for over a decade, he has been tablet free now for over a year. Do only do it with the agreement of your doctor though!

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Thanks for raising this.

I'm on Lisinopril and Amlodipine for the above and my BP's lowered significantly since I've started running.

I'm monitoring it regularly and if it keeps dropping I'm going back to my GP to ask about reducing the dose.

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I read Scott Jurek's book, Born to Run, and he was diagnosed with high BP at a very young age, 14 I think. He declared that he would get it under control and he did. Diet is very important as is exercise. He is currently undertaking to beat the record for the Appalachian Trail ultra run of 2,160 miles and is charting his progress on his Facebook page.

If you make it your business to eat good food and move more then you can't fail to get fitter. It's our reliance on junk food and lack of exercise that makes us such unhealthy folks. Cutting out junk food and switching to healthy choices, moving a lot more, can transform our lives. Having done it myself I'm a bit evangelical about it. It's not difficult mind you so I hope you can get to grips with it and start transforming your own health. You owe it to yourself. Your family too!


Same here Mr Balti, I'm on Bendroflumethiazide, (thats a mouthful)

I wonder if BP can come down too low with running & BP medication, my BP is at optimum, which is excellent. Will monitor & ask my doctor as well.

Keep up the good work!


It depends on the underlying cause of your BP. I was diagnosed as a 21 year old who weighed under 8 stone so it's not always a lifestyle reason. Being fitter counts for so much though and your GP will spot the changes hopefully. I really hope you achieve your aim!! and I'm going to read that book it sounds inspiring :)

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