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Blood pressure

Hi guys I've just signedup! I'm 50 a year old male. I recently took my blood pressure and was a bit concerned about it as I was getting readings of 180 _90_ 66 150 _85 _68 up and down its very hypertension iv had this before and got it down without medication.. iv changed my diet so I'll see how that goes I'm all so going to see my doctor next week so will see what they say. I'm just a bit concerned.

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I've also had blood-pressure problems in the past and have managed to bring it down to an acceptable level with a little exercise and change of diet. (Mainly reducing salt and fatty food intake).

If measuring your own BP at home make sure that you have a decent arm band type monitor, not the wrist-cuff type as they tend to be very inaccurate. Also make sure that you sit quietly for 10 minutes or so before taking a reading and then take 2 or 3 readings at 5 minute intervals and get the average. This will be a truer indication of BP than a single reading.

Normally the doc will want you to monitor your BP mornings and evenings over a 2 week period before suggesting a course of action.


I had high blood pressure and was heading towards being diabetic. C25K helped. lost some weight prior to March/April but lost 1 and 1/2 stone since then.

Definitely diet and exercise. For me not so much fat as the demon sugar snacking (especially when at work). But semi retired (work part time) now and away from that environment and pressure has helped.

But as most will advise take it slow and repeat weeks if need be there is no rush.

Also as others will say listen to your body and take medical advice if need be.

Let us all know how you get on .


Hi and Happy new year! Iv stared walking every day doing an hours walk about 3 miles roughly. And reduce in the sugar and stared back on Beetroot juce!! .. Eden juce is the nicest I think done a few tests at home with the arm monitor! and it has dropped down a good bit . I'll try and keep off the sweet stuff!! I think by watching what you eat and drink and sitting about has a lot to do with it all. I'm still booked in at the doctors on Wednesday. So I'll here what he or she has to sayπŸ˜―πŸ’Š

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Do you think sugar in tea coffee would be harmful??


You don't need itπŸ˜‰ If you stop taking it in your tea, you'll soon prefer your tea that way. Real well made coffee doesn't need it at all.

But you could change your white (useless!) sugar for honey, which at least has some goodness as well. (Real honey, not the stuff with sugar added to the beehive!)

Perhaps take a look at "The 8 week blood sugar diet."

BUT I am not a doctor, nor medical in any way - so check with your own doctor!!!

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