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Pulse vs Blood Pressure

As I seem to be confusing myself massively via Google, I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me please.......I am 35, overweight, but otherwise fit and healthy. I've been a gym goer for a few years and running (well, trying to) for a few months now. We were playing with a blood pressure monitor in the office today and my resting heart rate was 62 (great, a nice fit rate) but my blood pressure was high - something like 130/93! I only went to the docs afew weeks ago and they checked all that wih no problems, but I don't know what the readings were. I've come out high on these home monitors before but have never even had blood pressure concerns mentioned by any doctor (and believe me they are always on about weight etc lol).

I have read that daily exercise can cause higher blood pressure with a low heart rate and it isn't a bad thing, but then again I've read the opposite!

Help me Obi-One-C25Kers ;-)

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Nerves play a part in blood pressure, so does breathing - try taking it when holding your breath and it will go sky high, so doing it in an office environment with other people around might well affect the results. If you had it checked recently at the doctors, I wouldn't worry about it (and even the above reading is not mega-high).


As tantrumbean says, I don't think you need to worry based on that one reading.

I had to monitor my blood pressure for a couple of weeks following a couple of high readings while at the doctors. Mine was quite often at a similar level to yours but the doctor didn't see it as a cause for concern - I don't think they worry too much unless you are consistently at 140 or more. Another thing I noticed while monitoring mine was that it was noticeably lower at the weekends than it was on work days !

If you are still worried, you can get your blood pressure checked for free at Lloyds Pharmacies, tell them about the reading you got on the home monitor and they should be able to put your mind at rest.


Even easier - enter your reading here for instant reassurance ! :-)


if your GP is not concerned about your blood pressure, don't worry. Home (or office!) monitors do vary and it's usually advised to take both arms and three readings and then make sure you haven't recently exercised or eaten etc. Use sfb350s advice and I'm sure you'll find you have nothing to worry about.


120/80 is perfect blood pressure reading so yours wasn't that high. Had you had a hot drink just prior to taking it, that can also raise your BP? First thing in the morning is when I was told to check mine, before food and drink. I had problems over 3 years ago but mine was 175/120 at its worst, boiling point you could say!!!! If you have a healthy diet, are fit and active and feel well I wouldn't worry about it cos that will just raise it more and it becomes a vicious circle. The next time you go to the docs or nurse just ask them if they wouldn't mind checking it, that will give you peace of mind. Lloyds Chemists also do a free blood pressure check service up here in Scotland not sure about the rest of UK though.


I am a nurse and this is not really a worrying blood pressure.The lower figure is your resting pressure and should be below 100.Exercise will help lower your blood pressure as you get fitter.Weight,lifestyle and diet all have an effect on our Blood Pressure readings and we are all different.There is no real perfect reading.If you were suffering from high blood pressure you would be experiencing regular headaches.Don't worry and don't become obsessed with checking it as this will make you anxious and the readings higher.Once a week at rest will suffice.Hope this helps :)


Thankyou all for your answers! You have put my mind at rest.

I'll keep on with the running and the gym, which in turn keeps me away from the evil booze lol, that should keep lowering things like weight and blood pressure.

Work is very stressful so probably not the best place to 'play' with a blood pressure monitor!

I would've thanked you days ago if the site would've let me lol ;-)


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