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Listening to my body!


So, I graduated a few weeks ago and have been happily pootling along doing 5K three times a week in around 37 minutes. Today, I decided to up my pace, I thought I was probably ready and so many other people are so much faster than me that I thought it must be possible... it was a mistake. I made it to 28 minutes and then had to stop - well, I don't know if I had to stop, but my body really wanted to, so I did! The lesson I have learned (or rather reminded myself about) is this - go at my natural pace - it doesn't matter if this is slow. I know the programme is all about this, but I think I'd forgotten! The odd thing is that I'm quite a naturally fast walker - friends are often asking me to slow down when we're out and about; but I think I've got to accept that I'm naturally a slow runner and that this is ok. Anyway, just wanted to share with folks who will understand. Happy running everyone - at whatever pace that may be 😄👟

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Well done on your 5ks! Isn’t it great we can actually run that far now, no matter what speed? I’m finding that increasing one of my 5k runs by a little each week is actually helping me go a little quicker without trying. I’m slower than you, but I’m getting there.

Just keep at your natural pace and see what happens! 😀

ManxmezzoGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

You are right - it's entirely wonderful!


Running 5k will speed you up, slowly. To attack your PB you need to go short and fast (effectively the run you did) or long and slow, or better still both.

You’re endurance is at a certain speed. What you did there is take your 5k endurance and ran it at 4K pace, burning more fuel until you ran out. Going longer makes the fuel tank bigger... short and fast sets the rhythm and stride pattern in and adds power to the muscles.

ManxmezzoGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Great advice, thanks!

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Manxmezzo

If you need an app, there’s at least 2 out there that will create a balanced plan to make you faster over 5k. Strava and Nike Run Club both get good reviews at my parkrun.

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