A bit of fun in the sun

Decided to take it easy and just have a gentle jog around the beach. No music as my phone was out of charge. Did quite a bit of running people watching. Then went off up the hill to test my ankle which held up well. Lovely and sunny and a new 1k PB might have been trying to keep up with an effortless lady runner who in turn was probably trying to get away from a gasping, pavement pounding, sweaty sprinting C25K graduate ;-)

5 mins 21 secs and nice scenery a great start to the day

Happy running

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  • Sounds fab GF ! Time not shabby either, that's some going ! Well done :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP

  • Well done. And you got her number. Good chasing! :-)

  • No number I'm happily married.

  • Wow good stuff , I only manage about 8mins at mo but it's something to work towards :)

  • I found the speed podcast from c25k+ helps

  • Sounds lovely, although you better watch out that you don't get labelled as a stalker!

  • Stalking is just above my normal pace ;-)

  • Good work Gettingfitter- I've been missed reliving B210K through your reports :)

    No harm in using other runners as a pacer, or straightening up a little when you pass them ;)

  • Thanks Em having done b210k I think I'll start a new challenge when I'm back.

  • Oh there's always one to be had :)

  • I passed the sourest faced runner I'd ever seen yesterday but I put it down to her struggling so I let her off. LOL

    Well done GF. Running in the sun is hard work ! Mind you a run on the beach does sound rather lovely. PB!!!!! Better yet!

  • Well done passing other runners sour faced or not. Will try to take some beach photos next time I'm out

  • Are you still 'getting fitter' or should you be 'got fitter' now ? I love the idea of the lady runner trying to escape !!! Super fast PB well done.

  • Don't think I'll ever be fit enough as you can always do a little more. Not sure why my times are coming down but I think it is better when you relax

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