Wk3R3 question for the ladies

Found 1st run of week easy. But last 2 ive struggled with. Right cover your eyes men.

Does any lady struggle while hormonal. My ankles, knees and back have been aching while running. Slightly while not. It stopped me on my last 3 minutes today. Couldnt complete. Dont want to have to stop but dont want to damage myself either.

Advice greatly recieved. Thankyou and sorry to the males


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  • Will be interested in the answers/replies here

  • Toy with hormonal women at your peril, Rolysmate! ;)

  • lol learnt that lesson many years ago, no I am genuinely interested in the responses

  • It's odd you should mention this as I had these thoughts this morning. I went out for my run this morning and it was definitely affected by the fact it was "that" time. I felt like I had a weight in my lower abdomen and felt lethargic. My whole body felt tired, and although I am not a great sleeper I in general, I didn't have a particularly atrocious night.

    I got through it all ok but then it certainly wasn't the worst type of off-day - I imagine that on a particularly nasty one it would be tricky to finish. After all it can make you feel rough, fed up, tired and unmotivated, so it stands to reason it'd be able to affect your running too.

    Just chalk it up to experience and be kind to yourself until you're feeling better!

    H xx

  • Well im not giving in. Legs just felt heavy. Like i couldnt bend at the knees lol

    Roll on wk4 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hey there. I've not suffered anything like you're describing but if it were me I would probably give myself these options:

    - just take it easy during those few days of the month and do the next run when I feel ready

    - take a couple of pain killers shortly before going on the run

    - use hot water bottles/heated pads on those areas the day before to see if that helps

    I am more tired during these times of the month and I find everything much more effort so I can imagine that with the pain too, it must be horrible.

    It may be worth you going to the doctor for a health check too. They can do a blood test to check for vitamin deficiencies and you may find an uptake of something may help.

    I'm sure someone will reply with a much better medical answer but either way I hope you get it sorted :)

  • A much more sensible answer! :)

  • (than mine, that is...)

  • Had a health check not long ago everything was ok ish. Do have a ongoing issue with liver. So supplements out the question. Hopefully just the time of month. Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • PS I understood I was pregnant with my first child when I went to the gym (this was many moons ago...) and just couldn't get going - felt tired, dozy, couldn't be bothered. The light bulb went on in my head straight away and sure enough, a few days later it was confirmed.

  • Yup all the usual symptoms and it seems to get me tired earlier. I try now to shift a rest day around to accommodate it, during the C25K 9 weeks, I didn't dare not change my rest days, so just put my head down and ignored it as best I could. I did fine just generally walking around the house beforehand it helped loosen my limbs up a bit, even before the warm up walk.

  • Not just me then. Hopefully by start of wk4 it will have gone off a bit ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Fingers crossed ... good luck!

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