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What can I do on a rest day?

Ive just finished WK3 and I know that rest days are important so I always take mine( I also have the active 10 app so I'm walking briskly but for longer than 10 mins, nearer 30 mins on rest days) but I also feel like I'm cheating myself if I don't run-it seems like this running bug has grabbed hold of me!!

I previously used to use exercise workout dvds and I still have them. Is it ok to do a 30 min set of exercises using the dvds on my rest days or is there something out there that is better for me on my rest day?

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Well done Kim, I think you are fine to do the DVD exercises on rest days, go girl.

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Any non impact exercise is good on rest days.

Swimming, cycling, yoga, Pilates etc

When I started to run up towards 10 miles I suffered from lower back pain, which I eradicated by lots of core strength exercises. Runners need a strong core, so anything that helps that is very important.


Hi lannosaTruffle, very helpful tips to me too - thank you 😊


Hi Kimchoc08

That's interesting question and helpful to me because on my rest days (workout days before I started C25k), I do a variation of aerobics and toning, walking, some cycling and heavy gardening ( when need arises), plus the odd core class so maybe all too high impact. I'll consider more Core, Pilates and Swimming- thank you 😊.

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I like to walk in between each run day. But.. I go to a pilates class once a week and find it great for increasing flexibility and strength. You'd probably best check with an instructor if it's OK to do with arthritis, but I can recommend it to do alongside running.

Well done for finishing week3. 😁🤣


I hear ya on the running bug I too feel guilty on my rest days 😅


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