What do YOU do on your "rest day"?

It seems that there is always some discussion going on about the rest days in the programme. Some people want to know if they are necessary; others choose alternate activities. There are certainly lots of options out there, like the NHS "Strength & Flex" podcasts!

When I made my way through the programme, I used a six day week, running every other day. It was hard to wait at times, especially when I was excited and eager to move on to the next run. Even so, I divided my time into "rest days" and "run days". Since graduation, I have tried to keep to that schedule as well.

When I am at home, I alternate on a two day cycle between running ~5km one day and swimming 2km on the next day. So my "rest day" is actually a "swim day".

Just for fun, I am curious to know: What do YOU do on your rest day? Swim? Cycle? "Strength & Flex"? Rest?


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18 Replies

  • I like to swim and also do an aqua gym class, walking, zumba & pilates. I do sometimes drag my old body into the gym and go on the cycles and rowing machine which I'm planning on stepping up to get used to using the treadmill which I don't have a happy relationship with :( Oh forgot I love to do 20 minutes with my weighted hula hoop to some of my favourite music usually twice a week.

  • Sounds excellent! Go you!!

  • Monday: Rest day: Walk to work, work, walk home, after dinner go to gym (Curves, 30 minutes)

    Tuesday: Run day: Run, walk to work, work, walk home, after dinner go to gym

    Wednesday: Rest day: walk to work, work, walk home (or if it's half term like this week, slob about all day!!!!)

    Thursday: Run day: Run, gym, slob about, trampolining in the evening.

    Friday: Rest day: Gym. maybe go out with the ladies that lunch or slob about.

    Saturday: Run day: Run

    Sunday: Run day: Run

    There's also the dog to walk (not everyday, poor thing, he's only got short legs and if he went out on an epic every day they'd get worn down) and all the mundane things to do that get in the way of life, and melting glass into beadies etc......

  • Very detailed! Also, I notice that you "cheat" by not taking a rest day between runs on the weekend. :-D

  • Yes, I do a two day cycle as well. On rest days I cycle - usually when it's sunny / dry - or swim when it's raining! Although as it's autumn now I seem to have been doing quite a bit of running and some cycling in the rain :-)

    Sometimes it's hard to remember life before C25K!

  • *grin* Yes, I completely agree!

  • Er - rest! Does that make me a wimp? ;-)

  • Nah -- definitely not a wimp! Anyone who makes it through the programme is clearly disqualified from wimp status!

  • Work, rest and play - and spend too much time with you lovely people on this website!

  • An excellent assortment!

  • Since completing C25K I switched from running every second day to running on Mon, Wed and Friday. Friday is my long run day, so this gives me two days break from running to recover. I usually try to cycle (either road cycle or mountain bike) on Tuesday and/or Thursday and walk on the other day. I don't have anything scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but depending on the weather and other commitments, will go walking or hillwalking with my hubby. I try to fit in a daily yoga session too.

  • Very cool!

    I'm toying with the idea of doing something like you -- moving from a two day cycle to running three times a week. If I do that, I can run Monday, Wednesday, Friday; swim on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday... then use the Saturday for cycling. I want to do an Olympic Triathlon in the next year or two, so I need to work on all three!

  • An Olympic Triathlon is pretty impressive :-) I was thinking of starting with the Sprint. Doing a different activity each day is ok - but I think completing them all in a day (and still being able to stand up) will be a challenge!

  • Yes, I agree completely! But before I can even begin to think about doing them all in one day, I have to be able to do them all separately. I already swim 2000 meters per session, so I should be okay for the swimming part (which is 1500 meters). I need to work on my cycling to get up to 40 km, but the part where I was hurting most was running. Before starting this programme, I really was rated "couch", and the one minute of running was an effort. Now I can do 5km, so I'm halfway there.

    I'm working up to it: The goal is to race in a 5km this year (which I will be doing next week), a 10km run next year, then the Olympic Triathlon before I turn 40 in 2015. So far, am well on track! Hopefully, I can keep it up! :-D

  • I'm sure you will - to get this far shows that you have the perseverance, strength and attitude needed to suceed :-)

    I started C25K for the same reason - 7 weeks ago my running was 'couch' - I'm hoping to go on and complete the plan over the next few weeks.

    Have you read anything by Joe Friel? 'Think like a bumblebee, train like a racehorse!'

    Good luck with the 5K :-)

  • I swim 150 lengths a day mon-fri (cheap off peak membership!), and run every other day. I also do pilates on a monday, and salsa class on a tuesday. On my rest day, I usually get agitated that I'm not doing anything, so invariably end up going for a long walk or wii zumba-ing. The longest I manage to sit still is for Downton Abbey, but even that's finishing on sunday!

  • Wowza! Colour me impressed! 150 lengths is, what, 3750 meters? My usual swim workout is 80 lengths (2000 meters) and I only do this every other day (i.e., on the days when I am not running). Go you!!

  • I love going on hikes when it is my "rest" day, or if it is really nice out I will do yoga outside in my back yard!

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