Frequently asked question - What can I do on rest days?

The above question "What can I do on rest days"? is often asked by people just starting out on their running journey having got off the couch.

Well the answer is pretty much anything you fancy, however if you are new to exercise don't try climbing Mount Everest (just yet) ;)

The 'Rest Days' simply mean refrain from running, this gives your leg muscles a chance to repair and recover from the previous day's run.

Now the common well known exercises would be cycling, swimming, walking (uses the legs muscles yes but in a different way).

But why not try 'thinking out of the box' join a Zumba class, Pilates, yoga. Do you have a gym close by, perhaps join it, many offer the first month at a reduced rate for a trial period. So give it a try you might find weights are your thing, Cross trainer, Spinning class. Body Pump, Step class. Rowing. Gym's aren't for everyone I know so if you don't have an exercise DVD borrow one, or go on You Tube, there are loads of options out there these days.

I hope my suggestions and this post will be of help to some of the many new members, don't go mad and over do it though. I'm just aware that many people by the time they get to about week 3 are chapping at the bit, wanting to do more but don't know what to do.

I love nothing better than listening to my running music while in the garage and doing a 20 minutes workout with my weighted hula hoop ;)

Happy running everyone :)


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  • Hi Oldgirl, I bought a weighted hula hoop but I have to do it on the grass because our garage is a crammed packed workshop! Not thought to do it to music. Will give that a go! Hope all is going well with you. I'm still crocked and trying not to panic!

  • Hi beek , sorry to hear your still not up to it yet , don't panic you will get there , be a patient patient , I know it's easier said than done ! Wishing you all the best & a speedy recovery

  • Thank you Rockette. I have booked for a colour run on 20 July but I doubt if I could even walk it at the moment. I will probably go to get the fun out of it!

    I don't think 'speedy' applies to tendons from what I've read. I will try to keep patient.

  • I'm not back running yet either Beek its most frustrating. Have been building up my walking distances though and so far have managed to stay pain free. (touch wood) :)

  • I'm sorry you are on the bench too. That's probably the best advice - small walks and gradually increase the distance. Good Luck!

  • Hi old girl , I love my weighted hoop , ii like hooping along to the music too . Must say I've never tried Zumba only once on the wi fit a few years ago , & my grand daughter came running in the lounge with a glass of water & told me to sit down , ha ha she was onlyl 3 at the time .

  • I must admit that the weighted hula hoop ring I bought back in March is still sitting in the box it came in. Maybe I should give it a go one of these days.

    Good suggestions for cross training there.

  • Ooooo weighted hoop ring? Never heard of them but they sound fun and brilliant for core strength ( is that right?) Where do you get them? Sports Direct or Toyz R us? :)

  • I got mine from b& m ages ago though , but in Argos Davina mcall does one I think

  • I got mine from Amazon, its comes to pieces so you can transport if you wanted to. Hula hoop party anyone!?! :) Mines quite a lethal weapon with knobbles on the inner side which kind of hurt when you first start using it. Would advise building up the time gradually. ;)

  • Yes mine as knobbles On it & comes apart is yours ble & red ?

  • Blue

  • No mine is pink & pale green !! Lovely and girly. :)

  • Hi Can't be so AncientMum! I bought my first one from TKMax but one of the connecting lugs was broken so had to get my money back. Then got another from Argos. I like it but I'm not terribly good at it yet. You do know you've done some work though! :) I did see some at Sports Direct but not certain they were weighted ones.

    Mine is turquoise and grey.

  • Use the nhs Strength and Flex podcast - I was astonished to find I could do a bench dip after four weeks. Good fun.

  • I'm using Jillian Michaels DVD's and am currently getting "shredded" Feels like it anorl!

    I was busy doing warm up jumping jacks this morning and I spragged my bad ankle against the sofa! Oooh it really hurt! No harm done though and I caught em back up. Puff pant

    Thinking of getting a skipping rope on my trip to SportsD. No stopping us now is there. We've got the bug!

    I had to laugh at that Rockette. She must have thought you needed a sit down, bless her

    Hoping that OG and Beek are soon off the bench and back in the team. Happy hula hooping meanwhile!

  • This is really helpful...I am a week 3 starter this week (yesterday) and definitely feel I want to find alternatives to running on the in between days! Thanks

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